Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

I want to wish everyone a HEALTHY, HAPPY and LOVE Filled 2009.
May your days be filled with peace, joy and sunshine ;-)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bread and Jim Carey in Liar Liar

What you say??? Bread?
Yes, every now and then I crave a piece of slightly burnt toast. Made in the form of some type of sandwich. Lately I've been kicking my ass in the gym and it gets me real hungry. The moment I just typed that I smiled and thought of Jim Carey in Liar Liar. I really really enjoyed that movie (especially when he's kicking his own ass. Here are a few takes for your enjoyment). So this morning I had a little sandwich as my breakfast. Toast with some avocado, scallion and thinly sliced left over flank steak (from my camping trip)
This is the bread I use when the urge hits me. It's a millet flour and flax bread;

Maybe you can make out the ingredients

How easy it is to throw together a quick lunch;
Red leaf lettuce, avocado, evoo, turkey, a slice of salami, a few olives and black berries.I know that this does not look like a lot of food, but with all the fat it is nice and calorie dense. And leaves you very satisfied.

Some pistachios for work when I get a snack attack around 4
Have a great day!

Grilling Parilla style

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week filled with love, joy,laughter family and friends.
Grilling parilla style. This is a classic way of grilling used in Argentina and also Brazil. It involves having your meat NOT directly over the fire and your grill slate/rack slanted at an angle.

I went camping for a night so had a chance to make a nice outside fire. Part of the fire pit/ring was for my wood charcoal....smoldering embers and grilling. Some music, a few cold beers, what could be better right?

As you can see I even had some Xmas lights going.
Now I would have loved to share the mouthwatering pictures of my slow cooked marinated flank steak, chicken and beef short ribs (it took about 90 minutes of indirect heat outdoor grilling and smoking) but unfortunately the pictures came out to dark. One little trick that my Argentinian friend at work shared with me was to put some liquid smoke on the wood charcoal. His advice was SPOT ON. Everything tasted outrages.
Enjoy the day.....and I will do this again and some how snap a few shots.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday choices and Friends

You will be seeing a lot of this;

And this;

Try and not give in to these treat tables. But if you do.......
Take your time choosing a sample. This will slow down your impulses. Examine every treat and then consciously say; I'll try this one. Savor it, enjoy it and leave the table.
Eggs with some shredded salami and a tiny bit of pepper. You just need a little bit to flavor a small dish like this. All I used was the very tip of the pepper. A little bit of fresh squeezed red grapefruit juice. Very delicious and primal in the sense that I just squeeze it with my hands ;-)

I'm a slacker but I finally added new links on the right. Most of you probably are all ready familiar with them, but they deserve the mention and exposure. Not only do Miz, SOG and Andrew, have the most wonderful blogs, they have become my virtual friends.
Also added the blog of Junk Food Science. I have not read a lot yet, but what I've read is so thorough and well written that I really wanted to share it with all of you that might not know it.
Have a great day!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

IF and a large meal

Feels good to be back ;-)
Like I said in the previous post, it's been busy.
When you're really busy, it's great to have IF in your bag of tricks. (I hope you've checked it out by now but if not, here's you're best starting point )
I will re-iterate the following; do not break your fast with whatever you feel like eating. It's easy to slip and fall into a large bowl of pasta or similar when you're hungry and you're in the mood to really chow down. After about a 26 hour fast, I had a good hunt and this is what I ate ;-)
(ate over a 2 hour period)

Grilled Marinated shrimp;
white wine, garlic, basil, cherry bomb pepper, onion, evoo.

Grilled chicken, feta and spinach sausage. Grilled zucchini (and some onions and peppers)

Smoked and then bbq'd, ribs.

Fresh green beans ( I know not paleo, but they looked so good at the farmers market) a nice salad and avocado.

I did not finish everything, so that made for some good leftovers for breakfast.
Have a great week everyone!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008


It's been a real busy week for me. Lots of corporate reporting getting in the way of good posts.
Also my battery in my camera is dead, and have not managed to get a new one. TGIF. I will get cranking this weekend.

Please visit !!!!!
Miz is doing something really neat for the holidays. CHECK IT OUT!!

Next post, will showcase a post IF meal.

Happy Friday everyone!

Friday, December 12, 2008


I never really plan what I'm going to make.
It just kind of comes to me when I'm standing in front of the fridge.
Last night's dinner is an example of it.

I had a small sweet potato from the farmers market. I cut some thin slices.
Heated up some coconut oil, and added 4 little slices of a chili pepper. This gives the coconut oil terrific flavor. Next I added the thin sliced sweet potato.

When they are done (crispy) take them out of the oil and drain on a paper towel.
Then I tossed in some sliced asparagus in the hot oil. This just takes a minute. Wait for the color to turn bright green and again remove from the oil.

Next I added some spring onion in the oil. After taking that out of the pan, I added half of a large chicken and green onion sausage (no casing).
On a bed of arugula in a salad bowl, I put everything together. I took a picture before mixing it all together. The oil on the ingredients serves as the dressing. The flavors are wonderful together and provide complimenting textures. Simple healthy ingredients. Lots of flavor. You know....Feel Good Eating ;-)

Do you have staple ingredients in your house? Do you have favorite foods that you make all the time? Let me know what they are, and I will try and give you a different spin on preparing it.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vitamin Water and Junk Food Science blog

Vitamin water.....what a clever name. It's good for you right?
I mean, it's got extra vitamins and triple antioxidants no less.
One bottle has 32.5 grams of sugar. 32.5 grams!!!!!
So the extra vitamin c (150 mg) will be a nice extra benefit right?
Not when it has to compete with all that sugar. Remember vitamin c and sugar compete for entry into your cells. Guess who's going to win this one?
Stay away from the stuff!
If you have time check out Junk Food Science
It's an amazingly well written blog and has top notch information.
For all of you not sure about nitrates (and might be avoiding cold cuts and bacon) check out this post. (came across it on Dr. Eades great blog)
Enjoy the Day

Monday, December 8, 2008


Thank you SOG, Sarena and MIZ for leaving me a comment on Friday.
Since it was just you three leaving a comment, you are all winners.
Please send me an email to and provide me with a mailing address. You're star fruit will be on the way when I receive it.

This was delicious;

In some coconut oil, saute a few pieces of spicy pepper. I used pepperonata. Then add ground turkey. When close to done, I added 3 shrimps a couple leaves of fresh basil and a few little pieces of tomato. Then a dash of white wine to cook it all down.

This paired with a nice cucumber salad with spring onions, both fresh from the farmers market. Splashed with evoo and fresh ground pepper.

It made for a very tasty breakfast on a Saturday morning around 10:00

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thank you, Happy Friday and Star Fruit give away.

Can we all just get along??? They can ;-)

I just want to say thank you to everyone for reading the blog. I enjoy receiving the comments and exchanging thought and ideas. This Saturday morning Eddie and I will go to the Farmers Market and I will pick up some Star Fruit and other goodies. If you leave me a comment today you will be entered into a drawing for some fresh Star Fruit. I will send it out Monday and the winner will receive it on Tuesday. Sorry to leave out my virtual friends not stateside. Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I really owe a lot to Art Devany. It's been 3 and a half years ago now that I first came to his site and started reading and studying about the EF/Paleo lifestyle. Which of course led me to Mark Sisson and his fantastic supplements and his blog. There is so much "REAL" information out there. Go find it, investigate it, and apply it.

One thing that struck me from the beginning was Art Devany's emphasis on "color with in your meals". So when I started changing the way I ate and exercised I tried to incorporate this simple concept. It really doesn't get mentioned a whole lot on all the EF/Paleo blogs, but if you focus on color, you'll be guaranteed to eat a variety of real foods.

So here's a colorful breakfast;

Blueberries, watermelon, meatballs, tomato, celery, slice of red pepper and 3 slices of german "gelb wurst".

I have not said it in a here we go again; SMILE A LOT TODAY!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Big salads. How much salad do you eat? Is it necessary? Does it make you feel good? Did our favorite hunter gatherers eat this much roughage? I personally don't eat big salads anymore. I used to eat BIG salads.
Many of us that are trying to eat better get caught up with "what to eat"? So salad is a quick answer and a normally perceived healthy alternative. But I urge some caution. Especially if you are INTERMITTENT FASTING. A big salad doesn't have as many calories and nutrients as you might think. Take a look at Art Devany's site and his salad/meal pictures. He has salad as an accompaniment not as a meal. Usually only 2 or 3 romaine leaves. What are your experiences?

Simple to go breakfast;

3 eggs with a dab of mayo on top, 2 slices of salami and half a small orange cut up.
"Want live and extra-ordinary life?......don't live in an ordinary way" Manaka Sensei

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Perceptions,labels and judgements

Have you ever caught yourself doing the following?
You see a good looking guy or gal, well dressed, visibly monetarily well off, muscular, good figure, confident stride, etc etc.
Those are your initial perceptions. Next comes your labeling process. He/she is successful, that coat must cost $1,000, he/she has all the things I want, why doesn't my body look like that, I work out. why can't my life be like that etc etc. Next come the judgements; he/she...what a bitch, well I just don't have those genetics, her parents probably have money etc etc.
It happens to a lot of people I know and I always tell them that they end up missing a lot of what is really going on and shutting themselves out of experiences and potential opportunities.
So next time your mind takes this route, try this.
Recognize and catch yourself doing it and then change the process.
First let your perception change to just plain observation. Now as you are just observing, there is no need to label. And when there is no label, you won't form a judgement and you can just be present and open to whatever comes your way. (I will be talking some more about this over the coming week.)

So take a look at my breakfast;
what's your initial perception? That doesn't look too appetizing? (perception) What is the orange blobbish stuff, it looks gross (label) I could never eat that! (judgement). My co-worker and FRIEND actually gagged when she saw this on my desk. Turkey salad, turkey, cucumber, tomato, scallion and mayo. Left over mashed sweet potato and turkey. I can promise you had my friend not immediately perceived, labelled and judged, I would have been able to give her a taste, and she would have thoroughly enjoyed it.....or not and then decide not have it again. Instead she shut herself out of the experience.

What do you think? Do you ever catch yourself in that process?

Monday, December 1, 2008


No not Richard Gere's nickname in Officer and a Gentlemen.
But home made, good for you fat, delicious tasting old fashioned MAYONAISE!

My mayo is made with EVOO, so the flavor is more of a classic french mayo with the accompanying yellow color.(It's a stronger flavor then if it would be made with vegetable oil.)
So here we go:
2 egg yolks, 1/4 teaspoon of salt (you can leave it out) 1/2 tbsp. of dijon mustard, 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil.
Combine all the ingredients with the exception of the oil in a mixing bowl. You can use a whisk, but I use a simple hand blender. (side tip, appliances like these can be picked up at Goodwill stores very cheaply) Once mixed together, gently.....very gently drizzle the olive oil while mixing.
Take breaks from adding the evoo every so often so that everything can really emulsify.
When all the oil is added keep mixing for an extra minute or so to get it to your desired consistency.
Of course you could add a little bit of pressed garlic in the beginning and make a nice aioli.
Try it sometime. It is so delicious!
Have a great week!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Hope everyone had a great meal yesterday!!!
Here's how I made my 16 pound free range turkey.
After washing and pat drying the bird, I stuffed him full of onions, garlic, 2 limes and fresh cilantro. When I say stuff, I mean STUFF. So full that it's bulging out.
Next I made a bed of onions and a cup of chicken broth to lay the turkey on.
Next I took about 6-8 slices of bacon and laid it across it's body.
In the oven he went at 375.
Made a garlic,onion and cilantro butter.
After about 40 minutes basted the turkey with the tasty butter.
For the next 3 hours, basted him regularly with the broth and about 3 more times with the butter.

I used an electric knife to slice. (remove the bacon before slicing)
The turkey stays EXTREMELY moist this way. (you know I don't like dry poultry by now)
I saved all the bones, neck and other goodies to make soup over the weekend.
Lots of leftovers. I'm al ready excited for the next days meals coming up.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm grateful! Very Grateful! My family is healthy, I have a roof over my head and plenty of feel good eating is about to go down.
I'm grateful for all the virtual friends I have met over the last few years. Grateful for all of you that take the time to read my blog. Grateful for all of you whose blogs I follow and how it enriches me on a daily basis. I want to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

Do any of you "brine" the turkey? I have never done it, but hear it brings good results.
I will post some pictures of my turkey. One of my little turkey secrets is to use bacon.
What other dishes are you all making today?


Monday, November 24, 2008

Sir. Edward D. Scruffles

Well, we call him Eddie for short. ;-)
The Humane society held a "Pet Ball" fundraiser at my hotel. I went to look at the dogs that would be in the fashion show prior to the performance.
This little fellow came right up to me and as I sat down he snuggled his little muzzle right in my arm pit and wouldn't budge. I think he might have quietly said, please take me home. So I did. He's one years old and has the sweetest disposition. Great with the kids and the cat.

This weekend I once again picked up some very nice arugula at the farmers market. So I decided to make carpaccio to go with it.
It's very simple to make. I know not everyone eats raw meat, but it really is delicious.
I do spend the extra few dollars to get good quality meat for this dish. Eye of round is what I bought. It is not an expensive cut of meat, so spending extra for quality still doesn't break the bank.
First trim the meat and cut a couple of slices. Keep them small and and make sure they don't have any fat or sinew running through them.

I used about 5-6 of the little slices and refrigerated the rest.
Arrange some washed arugula on a plate (wash well!, like spinach it harbors dirt easily, and crunching on dirt shouldn't be part of this tasty treat)
Next take a cutting board or similar and get two pieces of plastic wrap.
Lay the pieces in a circle on the plastic wrap, then cover with the second piece.
Now take a food mallet, or a rubber mallet and pound it thin.

Check the "thin-ness", but you want it so thin that you can see through it. If you have never done this before, I suggest doing it with one piece at a time.
Now just lay the thin carpaccio over the arugula. Drizzle EVOO over it. Add a few capers and a sprinkle of cheese. (just a little). I use a Parmesan,pecorino and asiago blend.

And a second helping.

You know, this is really a "veggie" dish I realized. There is very little meat involved and lots of arugula and good for you extra virgin olive oil. A raw meat dish that's a veggie dish ;-) Not sure that line would sell.
I will be updating the links on the right as there are some great new blogs out there.
Take a look at Andrew's blog (don't click it, blogger hyperlink is now not working) . He shares some really nice posts and his enthusiasm jumps write of the blog at you.
Have a great day.....and try some raw meat!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Friday

Wow, it’s been a week since my last post. I can’t remember the last time I took that long of a hiatus. I have been very very busy. In this economy that is a good thing, so I’m not complaining.

I started Yoga last week. I’m enjoying it immensely. Would love to know your experiences with it. I do wonder what all the vegetarians and vegans in the class would think about the way I eat ;-)
Maybe next class I’ll bring them some carpaccio…..
Talking about carpaccio……
I’ll be making some this weekend and will post pictures.
It’s easier to make then you might think. With some fresh arugula from the farmers market and evoo it is a treat fit for kings and queens.

Please take a minute and have a look at Son of Grok’s new blog.
He is a frequent commenter on MDA and always has great insight an good stuff to share.
He has a simple recipe for home made sweet potato chips. I think you’ll like it.

Back to food;
Grass fed ground beef and ground turkey, onion and some chimichurra sauce.
Quick and easy and very tasty.

I'm getting very frustrated with blogger.
What software/programs do you recommend if I were to make the switch.

Enjoy the Day

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick Dinner

Short on time, 2 of my kids got braces yesterday, my son had to be at hockey practice......
Needed a quick dinner solution.
Ran into the supermarket and picked up a carton of chicken broth and a pound of ground turkey. Sauteed some onion in evoo, added the turkey, when the turkey was no longer pink, I added the chicken broth. I then julienned a yellow squash and added that. Kept some aside for my youngest who loves raw veggies (don't ask). All this took about 15-20 minutes. We all had a nice big bowl of soup for dinner. For dessert was some frozen vanilla chocolate swirl frozen yogurt. A little extra comfort food for the brave recipients of new braces.

Breakfast the other morning;
Ground grass fed beef with some onion. Watermelon and a few grapes. And my favorite vitamins. Thank you
Mark Sisson .
(picture to follow)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chicken/turkey soup and something completely different

Saute yellow onion, shallot and garlic, add some ground turkey. When turkey is no longer pink add chicken broth. Add 3 or 4 cut up parsnips. (they are far richer in vitamins then their family member carrots and pack a potassium punch). Toss in a few radishes and 3 or 4 large handfuls of arugula. Simmer all for about 30 minutes. The parsnips give it a very nice flavor, many add this to soups, but in my humble opinion not enough of it. When it is the main veggie, the soup becomes nice an thick from the starch in the parsnip, and takes on a deeper flavor.

Here's something different;
Watermelon and beet salad.

In a bowl mix some sliced watermelon and thinly sliced beet. Then add just a pinch of feta or a few pieces of thinly sliced whatever cheese you have around. Not too much, just a sprinkle. Drizzle with a little balsamic vinegar. Go ahead impress your healthy eating friends with this one ;-)

In case you have never made beets before; peel the beet, cut into slices and boil for about 6 minutes. I put mine in the freezer to cool off and then sliced them to add with the cold watermelon.

"Change is inevitable........except from vending machines"


Monday, November 10, 2008

Fruit, Veggies and a new link

Man, do I love me some local star fruit!!!

Looking for a little immunity boost?

Garlic, shallots, zucchini, radishes, spinach, spring onions and cimmichurra sauce.

Saute garlic and shallot in butter, then add the radishes. Next add the zucchini, cook to desired "done-ness" . Next add fresh sliced spinach. When the spinach wilts add in 2 tbsps of chimmicura sauce, stir and last toss in the spring onions or scallions. Serve nice and warm.

I had some stone crabs with it.

Please take some time and read Keith's site . He has posted some pictures of his results eating a paleo/EV diet. His Blog is EXTREMELY well written and supplies great information and inspiration. His link is new on the right.


Fresh Basil

Have you found your local farmers market yet?
I bought some amazing smelling basil. Also found a huge local seedless watermelon for $3.
A tiny little one from Mexico costs $6.99 at Whole Foods. Have I sold you yet? ;-)

Ahhhhh fresh BASIL;
Marinated grilled chicken breasts with pesto.
Pound out chicken breasts. 5 cloves of garlic, fresh ground pepper, some red pepper flakes, lemon juice, evoo and some of the fresh basil. Cover and marinate over night.

Grill, put some pesto on top and enjoy. Trust me when I tell you, that you will really like this grilled chicken. It has GREAT flavor. Pesto recipe; basil, garlic, evoo and some pine nuts. Chop by hand for best flavor, cheat for instant gratification, and toss in food processor. (I did)

I'm not sure if the picture below looks too appetizing ;-)
But it sure was one delicious breakfast after a heavy,intense and short work out.
Ground turkey with onion and mixed in home made chimichurra sauce. Tow big slices of avocado. Making the chimmi is easy and quick; took out the magic bullet and tossed in garlic, cilantro and evoo. I also ate a small orange (like the other post) with it.
"One must toughen up...without losing one's tenderness"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home grown

Guess what this is?'s an orange!
This is what an orange looks like that has not been "bred" for the supermarket.
Just fresh picked/fallen from my neighbors' back yard orange tree.
This type of orange is very little compared to the super market variety.
Also notice how it doesn't have the bright orange color that you would normally recognize.
It's not as sugary sweet either, more like a sour sweet taste.
With the farmers market open for business, it just amazes me all over again how much better the local and FRESH picked veggies and fruits taste.
Try your local market/csa, etc and see how good it is. There is a reason top chefs utilise locally grown ingredients. They are also after that fantastic fresh taste.

Every so often I always ask you all pretty much the same question;
anything you would like to see more of? Any particular recipe your after? Ideas for ingredients you're not quite sure how to make? Video cooking demo?
Drop me a comment and share some of your ego here ;-)

Make it a great day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One small comment from me.

Today is the day that EVERY American can look their son and daughter in the eye and say;

Bob Marley sang a long time ago "until the color of a man's skin, is of no more significance, then the color of his eyes.....we've got to say war"
Regardless of any political warms my heart and soul that maybe, just maybe we are getting very close to everyone living this simple truth.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Low heat cooking

Saute in evoo on low heat, garlic, yellow pepper and chicken sausage. (squeeze the sausage out of it's casing) when the sausage is cooked, toss large serving of spinach on top. Let it wilt. Sprinkle with some scallions.
How was that for easy?

Work out question

Sliced grilled chicken thighs and grilled onion. Cucumber, a few sliced olives and a couple of tiny cubes of organic cheese.

Work out question;
Dips? Good for you...bad for you? Do they stress the shoulder joint too much?
Weighted dips too much?
I look forward to hearing some of your thoughts on it.

Happy Election Day.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Southwest Florida Delicacy

I was very happy this weekend that the farmers market got started again.
They are only open on Saturdays, but the prices are unbelievable and the produce so fresh and full of flavor. Another reason I love it, it that I'm able to buy fresh "Stone Crab Claws"
This is a delicacy unique to Southwest Florida. They can only be found here.
The crab meat is unlike you have ever tasted. They come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large claws. You can eat them hot or cold, and locally they are served with a mayo/mustard for dipping. The season for these guys runs from October 1st until May 1st. But most of what you get after Feb. 1st is frozen. So now is the time to get eating. Only problem, they are expensive. In the stores the large claws sell for about $25-$29 a pound. Enter the farmers market, here if you go early, you can buy them for $11 a pound. So now you know what I had for dinner last night. Big salad to go with it, chock full of local arugula, red leaf lettuce, cucumber, garlic and grandma's dressing.

Sunday evening I usually grill up some staples for the week. Bone less, skinless chicken thighs. Tossed with fresh garlic, evoo and lemon herb pepper. chicken thighs are great for today's tighter budget, even the organic free range are affordable. Do you own a fish basket for your grill??? It's not just for fish ;-) This is how I like to grill my onions. Slice onion, sprinkle evoo and fresh ground pepper.
I love love love grilled onions!!!!
Make it a great week!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Food or Flavor?

I did the "300 work out" again yesterday. Workouts like that definitely create an appetite for me. So after waiting for about an hour, I ate a BIG breakfast. Scrambled eggs, 2 strips of bacon and half a butternut squash.
Lunch was scheduled with customers and walking into the restaurant at 1:00, I was salivating. I was starving. The lunch was at Ted's. Good paleo place to eat, but lots of temptations if you're not careful. So here's a little trick I use when I go out somewhere AND I'm hungry. While walking from the car to the restaurant, I decide what I'm going to eat and when I sit down, I don't even look at the menu. So had a huge salad with a bison burger on top. Dressing was evoo. I was stuffed.
At around 6:30 pm I got hungry. But was it really hunger? I'm sure I had stuffed my body with enough calories in the 2 meals I had for the day. What I was craving was some flavor. Some comfort perhaps. So I made a small very flavorful veggie dish.

Bok Choy, garlic, chicken stock, coconut milk, orange pepper and green curry. Saute the garlic in coconut oil, add couple of splashes of chicken stock, add some coconut milk, then add 1/2 tsp of green curry paste. Let it come to soft boil, add the bokchoy and turn down the heat to medium. I diced a small piece of orange pepper for color. It hit the spot and I did not even eat the whole thing. A few bites of great flavor satisfied my "hunger".

"'s good for you"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy? doesn't always look pretty ;-)

Had a press conference to attend, kid Halloween costume to pick up, corporate report deadline due and convince an angry client that they really shouldn't be angry at all ;-)

So even if you are "running around AND stirring the sauce" ( remember the movie Goodfellas?), it's important to stay with your way of eating and get the nutrients plus energy you need to handle the extra little stresses. Breakfast; a plum, strip of bacon, slices of avocado, roasted pumpkin seeds, almonds and a few brazil nuts. Easy right?

Someone yesterday, said it to me again "see you know, hump- day" read this old post about that topic.

Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A good for you snack, and satisfying when you are craving something in the afternoon at work.
Do you ever buy roasted nuts in the store? Especially in the healthfood stores, the prices of the roasted nut varieties border on criminal.
So buy raw and make your own at home. It's a nice change from munching on just raw nuts and you can control the ingredients.

In a bowl mix some almonds together with; evoo, dash of tamari, garlic powder and onion powder. Spread them out on tin foil or cookie sheet and roast on low heat (200) for about 20 minutes. Let them cool and enjoy. They are great to add to salads also.
Play around with different flavors. You can use coconut oil and add a dash of curry powder for example. Raw pumpkin seeds roasted are some of my favorite.
This mix consisted of; evoo, pepper, garlic powder and a dash of ketjap manis. (an indonesian sweet soy sauce)

"Everything that happens happens as it should, and if you observe carefully, you will find this to be so." Marcus Aurelius

Enjoy your day!