Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Work out question

Sliced grilled chicken thighs and grilled onion. Cucumber, a few sliced olives and a couple of tiny cubes of organic cheese.

Work out question;
Dips? Good for you...bad for you? Do they stress the shoulder joint too much?
Weighted dips too much?
I look forward to hearing some of your thoughts on it.

Happy Election Day.


MizFit said...

dips. my opinion? yeah they hurt my shoulders.

I do them sporadically but even if youre working out at home there are so many other options Id always mix it up.

there are some exercises (lunges) which occasionally hurt (knees) but they are so specific to a muscle group in such a GREAT WAY I still do them...no so much for me and dips.

(was that any help? need a video? :))

Have a great day!

Marc said...

Thank you!

Dips don't hurt me and build my arms pretty dang good. But was thinking about the mechanics of the shoulder joint/socket and wanted some feed back.
Lunges don't hurt me either....but boy do I hate them ;-)

Loved your guest post today!!!
Right back at ya...have a great one!! Quite an historic day.