Monday, November 24, 2008

Sir. Edward D. Scruffles

Well, we call him Eddie for short. ;-)
The Humane society held a "Pet Ball" fundraiser at my hotel. I went to look at the dogs that would be in the fashion show prior to the performance.
This little fellow came right up to me and as I sat down he snuggled his little muzzle right in my arm pit and wouldn't budge. I think he might have quietly said, please take me home. So I did. He's one years old and has the sweetest disposition. Great with the kids and the cat.

This weekend I once again picked up some very nice arugula at the farmers market. So I decided to make carpaccio to go with it.
It's very simple to make. I know not everyone eats raw meat, but it really is delicious.
I do spend the extra few dollars to get good quality meat for this dish. Eye of round is what I bought. It is not an expensive cut of meat, so spending extra for quality still doesn't break the bank.
First trim the meat and cut a couple of slices. Keep them small and and make sure they don't have any fat or sinew running through them.

I used about 5-6 of the little slices and refrigerated the rest.
Arrange some washed arugula on a plate (wash well!, like spinach it harbors dirt easily, and crunching on dirt shouldn't be part of this tasty treat)
Next take a cutting board or similar and get two pieces of plastic wrap.
Lay the pieces in a circle on the plastic wrap, then cover with the second piece.
Now take a food mallet, or a rubber mallet and pound it thin.

Check the "thin-ness", but you want it so thin that you can see through it. If you have never done this before, I suggest doing it with one piece at a time.
Now just lay the thin carpaccio over the arugula. Drizzle EVOO over it. Add a few capers and a sprinkle of cheese. (just a little). I use a Parmesan,pecorino and asiago blend.

And a second helping.

You know, this is really a "veggie" dish I realized. There is very little meat involved and lots of arugula and good for you extra virgin olive oil. A raw meat dish that's a veggie dish ;-) Not sure that line would sell.
I will be updating the links on the right as there are some great new blogs out there.
Take a look at Andrew's blog (don't click it, blogger hyperlink is now not working) . He shares some really nice posts and his enthusiasm jumps write of the blog at you.
Have a great day.....and try some raw meat!


Son of Grok said...

Father extrodinaire AND pet humanitarion? What dark secret are you hiding Marc? J/K... he is a very handsome dog and that is a great name!

My wife loves carpaccio so maybe its time for us to hunker down and make some.

The SoG

Andrew R said...

Hey Marc,

Thanks for the link love!!

All the Best,

Andrew R

Marc said...


I love carpaccio too!!! I always order it when I go out to eat.
Bottle of Chianti at home and you making carpaccio for your better half....sounds like a winner to me ;-)

My pleasure!!


MizFit said...

my dad arrives today.

my dads fave meal? raw kibbe (sp?)

Marc said...


Will you be making that for your dad? Or will Ren-man do it?
Enjoy the time with Dad.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!


Jay C said...

Hey Marc;

Feeding just Purina Pro Plan, does really like it. I tried the High End foods, like 45 bucks a bag, but after reading more reviews, the Pro plan is just fine.

Thanks for the visit to my site.

Be well, keep up the great posts

BTW, picked up 1/2 steer last night, splitting 4 ways