Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fresh spinach

See if you can find some. Taste doesn't compare to the bagged/pacakged product. Wash WELL

Breakfast; (short on time)
3 soft boiled eggs. 3 cherry tomatoes. Watermelon

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stiff neck

Pulled my neck/back during Mondays workout, while doing chin-ups.
What a drag. Any and all advice appreciated.

Breakfast; some watermelon, a few strawberries, some blue berries, half a small apple, and some almonds.

Lunch; (which I made early this morning) Organic ground grass fed beef, (about 4 ounces) sauteed in olive oil with onion, garlic and cherry tomatoes and a splash of red wine.
served over raw bok choy.

Snack; 2 large glasses of water. and a piece of dutch licorice.

romaine lettuce, avocado, 2 eggwhites, half a florida avocado, one cucumber, cherry tomatoes, scallions. Tempeh again in some olive oil. Olive oil, vegenaise, scallions, garlic for dressing. This was a salad for two.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Simple, quick, healthy, tasty......any questions ;-)

Thank you for your comments, it's really gratifying.

Ok, it's really simple like I keep saying.
Dinner last night;
Salad, (romaine, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, , fresh cilantro) homemade dressing (olive oil, garlic, dijon mustard, fresh pepper, lots of scallions)
Tempeh strips, done in some olive oil.
Greek yogurt with garlic, cucumber, olive oil and some sea salt. Total prep time was around 20 minutes.

Breakfast; 2 boiled eggs mixed in with some left over salad from last night. a few blue-berries and 4 strawberries.

Late lunch;
Some shrimp in a little vegenaise and sriracha.

Dinner will be sauteed spinach and garlic with grassfed beef sausage.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

For my own records?

Well, don't know if anyone has missed my posts, but I'm back to posting, as it gives me a good way to upkeep my own food journal.

Hope everyone has been checking Art Devany's site. Great new posts on workouts as well as meal pictures. I use his type of workouts with great succes.

4 raw asparagus stalks wrapped in 2 slices of salami (pay for the healthy stuff like applegate farms with no nitrates) half an apple, some dark grapes and a clementine.

This morning workout consisted of some sprinting, walking , jumping around skipping to some good music accompanied by wonderful morning sunshine.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Busy couple of weeks.

Well, hopefully some of you have missed the updates. It's been busy for me.
Made the mistake two weeks ago of having a few slices of pizza with my kids. Wow, did that hurt. I was completely out of it for an hour or 2 after eating it.

Mesclun mix, smoked salmon, tomato, capers topped with some olive oil.
One red plum.

As a snack I brought in some macadamia nuts and some celery.