Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fresh spinach

See if you can find some. Taste doesn't compare to the bagged/pacakged product. Wash WELL

Breakfast; (short on time)
3 soft boiled eggs. 3 cherry tomatoes. Watermelon

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Heather said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll have to look for fresh spinach. I used to get it, but it always took so long to deal with that I started buying the bags. I still go through the bags and toss the cruddy stuff, pinch the stems if I need to, and dry each leaf before I put it in my container. I made the mistake of getting a bag at Walmart last time (usually I get organic at the local grocery) and had to pitch half the bag because it was all mangled.

My other issue is freshness. The local store only gets new stuff when they run out, so sometimes I have trouble finding decent spinach that doesn't look half wilted. This is how I choose my other green for the week, I just pick whatever looks the freshest whether it's endive or escarole or red leaf lettuce. I mix that with my spinach in a huge container so I can just grab handfuls for salad instead of having to wash & prep my greens everyday.

Tomorrow I'll look at the fresh spinach and see how it compares to the stuff I normally get. I had actually sort of forgotten that there was an "unbagged" option at all. Hope you're having a fun weekend!