Friday, November 28, 2008


Hope everyone had a great meal yesterday!!!
Here's how I made my 16 pound free range turkey.
After washing and pat drying the bird, I stuffed him full of onions, garlic, 2 limes and fresh cilantro. When I say stuff, I mean STUFF. So full that it's bulging out.
Next I made a bed of onions and a cup of chicken broth to lay the turkey on.
Next I took about 6-8 slices of bacon and laid it across it's body.
In the oven he went at 375.
Made a garlic,onion and cilantro butter.
After about 40 minutes basted the turkey with the tasty butter.
For the next 3 hours, basted him regularly with the broth and about 3 more times with the butter.

I used an electric knife to slice. (remove the bacon before slicing)
The turkey stays EXTREMELY moist this way. (you know I don't like dry poultry by now)
I saved all the bones, neck and other goodies to make soup over the weekend.
Lots of leftovers. I'm al ready excited for the next days meals coming up.
Have a great weekend everyone.


sarena said...

Looks awesome, well xcept the bacon thing!!

Jenny said...

That looks amazing! My favorite way to roast turkey (or any poultry) is with bacon. It lends such a good flavor and keeps the skin crisp and the meat moist.

Marc said...

Thank you Sarena.
The bacon can be left off....just use some more butter for basting.
Have a great Sabbath! Oh and I'll pick you up some start fruit today.

Hi Jenny,
Everyone commented how moist it was. I think cooking it breats down in the juices/chicken broth really helps also.
Thank you leaving a comment.
Very much appreciated!