Monday, November 10, 2008

Fresh Basil

Have you found your local farmers market yet?
I bought some amazing smelling basil. Also found a huge local seedless watermelon for $3.
A tiny little one from Mexico costs $6.99 at Whole Foods. Have I sold you yet? ;-)

Ahhhhh fresh BASIL;
Marinated grilled chicken breasts with pesto.
Pound out chicken breasts. 5 cloves of garlic, fresh ground pepper, some red pepper flakes, lemon juice, evoo and some of the fresh basil. Cover and marinate over night.

Grill, put some pesto on top and enjoy. Trust me when I tell you, that you will really like this grilled chicken. It has GREAT flavor. Pesto recipe; basil, garlic, evoo and some pine nuts. Chop by hand for best flavor, cheat for instant gratification, and toss in food processor. (I did)

I'm not sure if the picture below looks too appetizing ;-)
But it sure was one delicious breakfast after a heavy,intense and short work out.
Ground turkey with onion and mixed in home made chimichurra sauce. Tow big slices of avocado. Making the chimmi is easy and quick; took out the magic bullet and tossed in garlic, cilantro and evoo. I also ate a small orange (like the other post) with it.
"One must toughen up...without losing one's tenderness"


sarena said...

Dunno, to me it looks delish!!

I just made some mashed garlicky cauliflower with coconut oil sauteed onions and some coconut milk which I ate for breakfast with a hard boiled egg and a small can wild salmon.

Prepped lunch too as I have a lunchtime movie date with a friend today after working in the morning. Chopped in mini Cuisinart a large can tuna, 1 hard egg, some fresh lemon, salt/pepper and some raw tehina. Mixed that with some romaine and spinach, olive oil sauteed red onions and chopped watermelon radish!! Yum!!

Marc said...

Thank you Sarena.
Your break fast sounds YUM!

What's watermelon radish?
hope you see a good movie!

sarena said...

Watermelon radish have been a farmer's market find for me!!
The picture really does em justice in beauty. They are sharp though!

I actually did see an amazing movie, The Changeling. I highly recommend it.


Marc said...

Thanks Sarena, never seen those kind before.

I'll have to keep my eye on that movie. The last one you recomended "La misma luna" was just amazing and one of the best moivies I've seen in a long time.


sarena said...

You're so kind, I forgot about that one!! My daughter saw a review for another one that looks amazing as well:
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas