Monday, November 3, 2008

Southwest Florida Delicacy

I was very happy this weekend that the farmers market got started again.
They are only open on Saturdays, but the prices are unbelievable and the produce so fresh and full of flavor. Another reason I love it, it that I'm able to buy fresh "Stone Crab Claws"
This is a delicacy unique to Southwest Florida. They can only be found here.
The crab meat is unlike you have ever tasted. They come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large claws. You can eat them hot or cold, and locally they are served with a mayo/mustard for dipping. The season for these guys runs from October 1st until May 1st. But most of what you get after Feb. 1st is frozen. So now is the time to get eating. Only problem, they are expensive. In the stores the large claws sell for about $25-$29 a pound. Enter the farmers market, here if you go early, you can buy them for $11 a pound. So now you know what I had for dinner last night. Big salad to go with it, chock full of local arugula, red leaf lettuce, cucumber, garlic and grandma's dressing.

Sunday evening I usually grill up some staples for the week. Bone less, skinless chicken thighs. Tossed with fresh garlic, evoo and lemon herb pepper. chicken thighs are great for today's tighter budget, even the organic free range are affordable. Do you own a fish basket for your grill??? It's not just for fish ;-) This is how I like to grill my onions. Slice onion, sprinkle evoo and fresh ground pepper.
I love love love grilled onions!!!!
Make it a great week!!!


Bill said...

Those crab pincher's look scary.

Marc said...

Scarily tasty you mean, right? ;-)