Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home grown

Guess what this is?'s an orange!
This is what an orange looks like that has not been "bred" for the supermarket.
Just fresh picked/fallen from my neighbors' back yard orange tree.
This type of orange is very little compared to the super market variety.
Also notice how it doesn't have the bright orange color that you would normally recognize.
It's not as sugary sweet either, more like a sour sweet taste.
With the farmers market open for business, it just amazes me all over again how much better the local and FRESH picked veggies and fruits taste.
Try your local market/csa, etc and see how good it is. There is a reason top chefs utilise locally grown ingredients. They are also after that fantastic fresh taste.

Every so often I always ask you all pretty much the same question;
anything you would like to see more of? Any particular recipe your after? Ideas for ingredients you're not quite sure how to make? Video cooking demo?
Drop me a comment and share some of your ego here ;-)

Make it a great day!


Vasco said...

hi Marc,

I haveN't figured out yet what evoo is. maybe you could explain that? (I think I remember having seen it somewhere in the past but couldn't find it when scanning the older entries:(

otherwise, I find you're doing a great job on the blog and wouldn't recommend you to change anything. I especially enjoy anything you write on cooking and the meals you cook.

Marc said...

Hi Vasco,
Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.
EVOO is Exta Virgin Olive Oil.

I'm glad you like the blog ;-)
Have a great week.