Friday, December 12, 2008


I never really plan what I'm going to make.
It just kind of comes to me when I'm standing in front of the fridge.
Last night's dinner is an example of it.

I had a small sweet potato from the farmers market. I cut some thin slices.
Heated up some coconut oil, and added 4 little slices of a chili pepper. This gives the coconut oil terrific flavor. Next I added the thin sliced sweet potato.

When they are done (crispy) take them out of the oil and drain on a paper towel.
Then I tossed in some sliced asparagus in the hot oil. This just takes a minute. Wait for the color to turn bright green and again remove from the oil.

Next I added some spring onion in the oil. After taking that out of the pan, I added half of a large chicken and green onion sausage (no casing).
On a bed of arugula in a salad bowl, I put everything together. I took a picture before mixing it all together. The oil on the ingredients serves as the dressing. The flavors are wonderful together and provide complimenting textures. Simple healthy ingredients. Lots of flavor. You know....Feel Good Eating ;-)

Do you have staple ingredients in your house? Do you have favorite foods that you make all the time? Let me know what they are, and I will try and give you a different spin on preparing it.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!


Son of Grok said...

Wow... that is a creative one Mark. Looks delicious too!

sarena said...

I second what SOG said!! That really looks and I am sure tastes amazing!

Son of Grok said...

You gave me another great idea Mark. I am making a fondue tomorrow night. I jsut happen to have a couple sweet potatoes hanging around. I am going to make them like this for fondue dipping!

The SoG

Bill said...

you really cook some neat stuff.


Marc said...

Fondue now that sound delicious too. Another way I sometimes make "fries" for my kids, is to julienne the sweet potato and make shoe string sweet potato fries.
Comes out real tasty.

Thank you!! Have a great weekend.

Stock your house with the quality whole foods and just start experimenting. ;-)
Have a great weekend.


Cave Cooking said...

In response to your question about staple items, I always have avocados, almonds, eggs, tomato paste, chicken sausage, and some kind of ground meat (grass fed beef, buffalo, turkey) in the fridge, and coconut and avocado oil in the pantry. I do love my proteins and fats :) Your cooking always gives me good ideas.

Aon of Grok said...

Made the fries sweet potato patties for the fondue last night. Yum. Good stuff mark!

The SoG

Rachel said...

Marc, thanks for the encouragement!And not letting me beat myself up too much for salt. I really go back and forth on it. I do try to avoid it generally (I buy raw nuts and salt free seasonings) but I can't get away from using it as a garnish when I cook :)

MizFit said...

oatmeal. sad I know. oooh or can beef jerky count?

Marc said...

Jerky counts....
And oatmeal WITH jerky definitely counts ;-)

Rachel, I enjoy reading your posts.

I have not had fondue in a long time. What type of cheese did you use? Fondue was very popular when I was young. Steak in hot did I love me some of that.