Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vitamin Water and Junk Food Science blog

Vitamin water.....what a clever name. It's good for you right?
I mean, it's got extra vitamins and triple antioxidants no less.
One bottle has 32.5 grams of sugar. 32.5 grams!!!!!
So the extra vitamin c (150 mg) will be a nice extra benefit right?
Not when it has to compete with all that sugar. Remember vitamin c and sugar compete for entry into your cells. Guess who's going to win this one?
Stay away from the stuff!
If you have time check out Junk Food Science
It's an amazingly well written blog and has top notch information.
For all of you not sure about nitrates (and might be avoiding cold cuts and bacon) check out this post. (came across it on Dr. Eades great blog)
Enjoy the Day


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Son of Grok said...

That is refreshing. I found no-sugar bacon but it still had nitrates. I figured I would rather eat some nitrates than sugar and so that is the bacon I eat.Of course.. I would prefer no nitrate no sugar bacon.

The SoG

Marc said...

Hey SOG,

Decent post right from Junk Food Science? I never really knew that, and yes I was also "scared into" the nitrate thing. Avoided my favorite salami for years becasue of it. I'll say it again, learn something new everyday.

Also, your star fruit went out today.


MizFit said...

and yet people buy this stuff UP (she types thinking of her family while they were visiting over thanksgiving...)

AMH615 said...

I looked at those when they first came out and bout fell over! Just because something is fortified doesn't mean it's healthy!

Melisa said...

Thank you for the idea. Actually i always drink antioxidant water it turns out it is good to my body. It also make body fit and become look good. Water is life. I believe on that saying.