Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Big salads. How much salad do you eat? Is it necessary? Does it make you feel good? Did our favorite hunter gatherers eat this much roughage? I personally don't eat big salads anymore. I used to eat BIG salads.
Many of us that are trying to eat better get caught up with "what to eat"? So salad is a quick answer and a normally perceived healthy alternative. But I urge some caution. Especially if you are INTERMITTENT FASTING. A big salad doesn't have as many calories and nutrients as you might think. Take a look at Art Devany's site and his salad/meal pictures. He has salad as an accompaniment not as a meal. Usually only 2 or 3 romaine leaves. What are your experiences?

Simple to go breakfast;

3 eggs with a dab of mayo on top, 2 slices of salami and half a small orange cut up.
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Son of Grok said...

I generally use my salads as an additional to my meals. (I am lame and just do plain old mixed greens). Your salads always look so good and make me salivation like a pavlovian pup. Those eggs look awesome too!

I did have a question for you though Marc. You always have salmi's and sausages. My wife and I love salami and sausage but have basically written it off as we can't seem to find any without sugar in them! Have you had luck in finding this or do you just make an exception?

The SoG

Marc said...

Hey SOG,

Thanks Man! Well, like I've said before, when I open my "Paleo Grill" tm. All my blog readers get preffered seating. ;-)

As for the salami, I'm completely addicted to one brand. Applegate Farms.
They sell it in a lot of grocery stores. (not just at the health food stores) They're bacon is excellent too.
I believe the genoa salami has some organic dextrose in it, but the sugar count is 0. the other salami doesn't have it if remember correctly. I loved salami as a kid and havn't eaten it in so long as cold cuts are just filled with garbage. But this brand is really great.
As for the sausages, I got into them (always liked them but too stopped eating them years ago same reason as cold cuts) about 2 years ago when Wild Oats opened up here.
They make great chicken sausages (as wel as others) with no fillers and no questionable stuff. Now I get them at Whole Foods as they took over wild Oats. They spoil quickly as they have no preservatives. But that's ok...they don't last long in my house ;-)

does that help some?

Son of Grok said...

That helps a lot. I am familiar with Applegate farms. I explored them for bacon and was pretty happy except that they still had "evaporated cane juice" aka sugar so I switched to a sugar free bacon that I found at Walmart of all places. My market does carry applegate farms so I will defintely check out some of their other products when we are there this weekend!

The SoG

sarena said...

Hey I sent a link your way, via my blog!!
I too stopped eating much salad, I much prefer roasted or steamed veggies when I have 'em. Especially now that its a NY winter~~

SuzyJones said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe. It's very healthy and a good diet too. Maybe I'll try this on weekend!

MizFit said...

dear marc,

mayo makes me gag.


Miz :)

Marc said...


Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Very much appreciated!!

Thank you for the link love and I agree with the veggies. Have a great day.

Why do you have this awesome ability to make me laugh at my laptop???!!!


Ade said...

Do realised this is an old blog post but I was reading through the archives...

I usually have a large daily salad consisting of mixed salad leaves, red onion, tomato, pepper, cucumber, carrot and avocado. Usually this is dressed with evoo and balsamic vinegar. Sometimes with walnut oil. Occasionally I'll add in some nuts.

Accompanying this I'll have some protein such as salmon, mackerel, turkey, chicken, beef, tuna etc.

I'm struggling to see how I wouldn't get a lot of nutrients from that and it sure is filling...