Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday choices and Friends

You will be seeing a lot of this;

And this;

Try and not give in to these treat tables. But if you do.......
Take your time choosing a sample. This will slow down your impulses. Examine every treat and then consciously say; I'll try this one. Savor it, enjoy it and leave the table.
Eggs with some shredded salami and a tiny bit of pepper. You just need a little bit to flavor a small dish like this. All I used was the very tip of the pepper. A little bit of fresh squeezed red grapefruit juice. Very delicious and primal in the sense that I just squeeze it with my hands ;-)

I'm a slacker but I finally added new links on the right. Most of you probably are all ready familiar with them, but they deserve the mention and exposure. Not only do Miz, SOG and Andrew, have the most wonderful blogs, they have become my virtual friends.
Also added the blog of Junk Food Science. I have not read a lot yet, but what I've read is so thorough and well written that I really wanted to share it with all of you that might not know it.
Have a great day!!!


Son of Grok said...

Wow.. I have come a long ways. I look at those first pics and think more "bleh" than i do "yum". Thanks for the link too! That pepper next to your plate looks tasty... I hope it isn't fake lol ;-)

The SoG

Jay C said...


Have a great Holiday, Pics look awesome as always.
Thanks for working so hard on your blog.

Chow On


Dave Clary said...

My office was a virtual minefield of sugar bombs today; however, I managed to avoid it all. I'll probably have a couple pieces of pie on Christmas day, but the damage will be limited.

Great looking pics, Marc! I've got to make it to Naples for the opening of the Paleo Grill! :-)

Marc said...

I know what you mean.
I also know how I feel when I eat that stuff...that's enough of a deterrent right there.
Pepper is not fake lol ;-)

Thanks my man. Glad you keep stopping by. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.

Even if the grill is not open yet, I'd be happy to host you in Naples.
And cook of course.
Hapy holidays to you and all your loved ones!!!


MizFit said...

have a great holiday!

eat drink be merry and watch Fred Claus.

Jay C said...


Some think Pumpkin Roll, I think Bacon/meat roll. Got to check out pics at my blog. I know have recipes for Bacon Bowls, Meat Cakes, and the latest, Bacon Rolls.


Yea Haaaaaaaaaaa

Bryan - oz4caster said...


Beware of what you read at JunkFood Science. Take a look at this discussion from the Yahoo Native Nutrition group.

Your food looks great, as usual :)

Marc said...


Thank you so much!
I can't believe I'm so surpised...since nothing really surprises me anymore ;-)
I read some more of the blog, and put my skeptic hat on....
I'm going to remove the link.
Hope you're well and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
Wishing you and your family a healthy happy and wonderful 2009.!!

Bryan - oz4caster said...


JunkFood Science is still an interesting blog and I agree with some things she says. But I double check anything that doesn't seem right. I was reading what she had to say about nitrites. She said that "the pH of our gastric juices doesn’t support nitrosamine formation", but elsewhere I have read the opposite. It is interesting about the nitrates in saliva, which I have also read elsewhere and believe is correct.