Monday, December 29, 2008

Grilling Parilla style

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week filled with love, joy,laughter family and friends.
Grilling parilla style. This is a classic way of grilling used in Argentina and also Brazil. It involves having your meat NOT directly over the fire and your grill slate/rack slanted at an angle.

I went camping for a night so had a chance to make a nice outside fire. Part of the fire pit/ring was for my wood charcoal....smoldering embers and grilling. Some music, a few cold beers, what could be better right?

As you can see I even had some Xmas lights going.
Now I would have loved to share the mouthwatering pictures of my slow cooked marinated flank steak, chicken and beef short ribs (it took about 90 minutes of indirect heat outdoor grilling and smoking) but unfortunately the pictures came out to dark. One little trick that my Argentinian friend at work shared with me was to put some liquid smoke on the wood charcoal. His advice was SPOT ON. Everything tasted outrages.
Enjoy the day.....and I will do this again and some how snap a few shots.

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Son of Grok said...

Sounds like an awesome meal. You are going camping with us next time!

The SoG