Monday, March 3, 2008

Dinner with the kids

I was to busy to take a picture, but I think you'll find this recipe useful and easy.
I marinated some chicken breasts with a spice rub (onion, garlic, paprika, tumeric and cumin)
and olive oil overnight. Of course pounded them nice and flat and grilled them. I like to get the grill nice and hot but cook the chicken over non-direct heat. It takes a little longer, but the chicken comes out very moist.
Diced the chicken and made a huge salad with red leaf lettuce, cucumber (lots of them as the kids love them) scalllion, little bit of feta. Some champagne vinaigrette dressing and a splash of extra olive oil. Diced fresh tomato on top of 3 of the salads, as my oldest does not like tomato.
Especially my son seems to love this kind of meal. Refershing, filling and lots of flavor.

Breakfast this morning for me was an "avocado chicken salad"
Avocado, diced grilled chicken breast, pinch of feta and fresh ground pepper.
Onme small organic apple.

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