Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bragging rights.....

Ok, Who can tell me what these are????????? I got them at my farmers market. (hopefully the pic is clear enough) BIG TIME bragging rights if you get this one, I had never heard of, or seen them.

An American classic;
Steak and Eggs. (grass fed ground beef browned in O. butter and 2 omega 3 eggs, also fried in some organic butter. (sea salt, onion powder, ancho chili pepper powder, on the beef)
A slice of local avocado, some berries and my vitamins. I'm ready for a good day ;-)
Random; was hungry this morning because I did not eat after 5pm yesterday. So breakfast was at 8:15.
And lastly; Smile a lot today! ;-)


sarena said...

I am stumped, although the inside looks a lot like lychees!

I am warming a concoction I made last night for breakfast:
1 bag shredded broc slaw
4 eggs
1 c chopped onion
1 T prepared org horseradish
1-2 T tehina--dilute in a bit of water
approx 1 T stoneground mustard
3/4 c almond flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp zaatar

Mix well and pour into greased pan. I then sprinkled hemp seeds on top Bake til center is firm

Will take a picture and post on my blog! have a great day!

sarena said...

Wait, I think I got it--LONGANS?? Whats my prize, dinner?

Marc said...

Sounds like yummt breakfast. You've got me stumped; what's "zaatar"?

Sorry, try again not Longans.
No dinner for you ;-)

Marc said...
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sarena said...

Well I thought I was right! Am I atleast on the right track??

Zaatar is a middle eastern spice blend ('atar)with as many varieties as people. I have some I brought back from Jerusalem this winter. I purchased it in a small spice shop located within the Ben Yehuda Market or "shuk"

I lifted these photos, thanks to google and flickr!!

Marc said...

My speciality is not horticulture, but I'd venture to say that yes you are on the right track.

Zaatar. hmmm...many varieties?
A kind of middle eastern curry? ;-)
I must have tried it or tasted it. I've been to the shuk and have family there.


Jay C said...

Some type of fish egg?

Marc said...

Not a fish egg. ;-)

For the Friday I will tell you it's a.....CHERRY.
Anybody know what variety?


Naomi said...

They look kinda yuck to be completely honest :( I hope for you they taste better!

Bryan - oz4caster said...


The mystery pods don't seem to have any seeds in them, so I'm guessing they're eggs of a sea creature, probably an invertebrate, because I don't see a clear yolk. But beyond that I haven't a clue :)

The outside looks like grapes!

BTW, I've started a brand new Flickr photo group Native Nutrition and we'd love to have your food and related photos, if you care to share :)

Anonymous said...

I've never seen these!!! Do tell us what this is!!
Would you consider posting a little more about your food planning? I just started a new job and I wake up at 5:40, on the road by 6:40am. No way can I eat your breakfast! :-) What are some portable alternatives for lunch /breakfast (besides salad) that won't scare my co-workers?

Marc said...

To be perfectly honest, they are not my favorite ;-)
They have a consistency of a leechy. These "Asian cherries" do very well in this region as they do not require a lot of water and are very hardy.
I love being surprised, and that day at the farmers market seeing something unfamiliar made me happy. I bought it from the same guy that sells the starfruit.
(see previous post)
Have a great Sunday.

Like I said to Sarena, they are Cherries. Crazy right? I'll be happy to share photos.

Great question and would be hapy to give you some sugestions.
I'll make it into a post ok?
Thanks for visiting my blog.


sarena said...

Hey so I make pesto a lot when the fresh herbs are in season! I do not use cheese at all and thought I would share that it comes out just as well. I was also once taught that you can sub in a cucumber to replace some of the fat--EVOO or pignolias (or other nuts). I made a spinach/basil pesto the other day that was awesome. Couldn't tell ya proportions though!!
few slices cukes
lemon juice

Marc said...

Sarena that sounds delicious. I don't always put in the cheese. You're 100% right, it's still fantastic. Never heard about the! You kow I love me some cucumber ;-)