Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Smoked salmon

It's hard to find wild smoked salmon. Most I see in the stores is farmed and is made with sugar also. But when I find the good stuff, I don't mind paying the extra 2 or 3 dollars they charge.
Here's a REALLY QUICK and yummy breakfast.
One avocado, smoked salmon, olive oil, dijon mustard, red leaf lettuce. Mix together.
I keep the portion small for this as it is very filling and has wonderful savory flavor.


Anna said...

It's not the same as smoked, but have you tried curing your own salmon? It's actually quite easy. Sunset Western Living magazine a few years ago had a nice article about how the Scandinavians prepare the salmon, then let it cure buried in the snow. When I tried it, I just let it sit in the fridge (snow being rare in So Cal).

It was really yummy. I sliced it thinly and served with creme fraiche and capers. Yum.

I think there is a recipe in Nourishing Traditions, too. There are very specific and delicious sounding directions in the Charcuterie book, too. I'm sure that are gazillions online.

Marc said...


I have eaten it cured and it is yummy. Just did a search online, and the directions appear pretty simple. Thank you!!!!
You are so full of good info!
Much appreciated. Have a great Wednesday.