Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Breakfast meetings

I've posted something simliar a while back, but wanted to stress again that you always have a choice when you are not around your own home cooking or planned meals.
Was at a breakfast meeting this morning at a hotel (7:15 am) and they had a large buffet.
I had scrambled eggs, rasberries, black berries and one strip of bacon.
There were so many varieties of danishes, donuts, muffins, waffles it was amazing.
Interestingly enough, at the end the meeting, guess what was still there in large quantities?
You guessed it, the eggs and the fruit. All the donuts were gone ;-(

To leave you with a picture. My home town Amsterdam. How cool that a street that has a painters name, also has one of his works above it?
Translates as " First Jan Steen Street"
It's in a part of Amsterdam called "Old South" (Oud-Zuid)


Dave Clary said...

I had to run the gauntlet at work today. Two of our folks were celebrating their one-year anniversary so they brought in a bunch of pastries. One of our IT people is working his last day on Friday so they brought in a huge cake for him. I could swear I saw insulin dripping from the walls!!

I congratulated the two guys on their anniversary, I shook hands with the soon to be departed IT guy and told him it had been nice working with him, then I went to my desk and ate my two eggs, Canadian bacon, a handful of almonds, and a small yogurt.

Marc said...

Way to go Dave!
It is hard sometimes, good thing you had your own food around.
I'll be looking for those before and after pics on your blog! ;-)