Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Simple works!

Sometimes simple is best.
Went in to workout this morning and the only plan I really had was to give my back a nice workout. So after warming up, took a medicine ball and found a cable machine. Attached a rope, put cable about chest height and while sitting on the ball, pulled and contracted my lats with various weights. Then I did some pull ups. Then some chin ups. That was all. Pulled for about 20 minutes. I have no clue as to what weights I used or how many reps and sets I did. I just did it, until it "felt right"

So same with breakfast, not a lot of time and kept it real simple.
The first picture is my girlfriends breakfast. She took it while I was working out. As she was very excited about what she made ;-)
Kimchee with 2 fried eggs, cherry tomatoes and scallions.

My picture speaks for itself, the only ingredient not shown that I used, is butter. (I used approx half the can of salmon. which is about 3-4 ounces. One small starfruit as dessert.
Last but not least..........make sure you smile today ;-)


Lemur said...

Thanks for the reminder that simple is best. I'm grasping this in the diet area, but have turned exercise into a hugely complex thing in my head. I seek out info & read about it, but sometimes it's beyond my knowledge & experience. I love reading Art's blog, for instance, but some of the exercise discussions go places I can't follow.

I need to just take the message of "Get off your ass, it's important" and forget the more complicated angles on it for now. A few simple things everyday is still better than nothing. I've never been much of an "athlete" type (more of a "nerdy pothead"), so this stuff doesn't come naturally and it's easy for me to overplan it.

Marc said...

That is it! Don't worry and over think to much. Just do it.
In the end, only by putting forth the effort will you discover what works for you.
Just being active is a whole lot simpler then you think. Just like "Feel good eating", it's simple right?
Thanks for reading Heather!!!!


Lemur said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Headed out the door right now for a few days at the beach, I'll see if I can work some extra movement in while I'm out of town. Have a great weekend! =)

AT22 said...

And simple is so much easier! Best advice is to find something that works to start out and stick to simple variations of it. As you learn more, you can slowly incorporate the new stuff. The easiest stuff for exercise is pushups pullups squats (just with your weight) and situps (and stepups, etc). No equipment, no gym, just doing!

The recipes seem clear to me - keep it up! Love the tip on grilling chicken.