Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Feel Good Eating

There is lots of feedback out there and wonderful success stories.
So let me tell you again also, eat like this for a while and you will not believe how GOOD you will FEEL. (combine with exercise, stir, mix and marvel at how good your body will look)
Make fresh foods, nothing out of box and experiment with different ways of preparing and flavoring your dishes. If I can do it, YOU can too!! Here are some pics for inspiration.
This picture is for Naomi (who has a wonderful blog Paleo kitchen, link on the right)
This is my version of a traditional Dutch dish called "hutspot"
Mashed cauliflower and broccoli with some mild Italian sausage. This makes a GREAT breakfast after a workout. I had it at around 9:30 after a 7:30 workout

Dinner last night, fresh gulf shrimp. Remember the hot pepper/garlic relish I made?

I just took a tablespoon of it, some olive oil and marinade shrimp for about 30-49 minutes

Thanks to Heather, I roasted cauliflower for the first time. So I thought I'd make a little pesto and use that to toss around with the cauliflower. I cheated with the pesto and just threw some garlic, basil and olive oil in the little blender. It's tastier chopped by hand with some pine nuts and Parmesan, but wanted to make it quick and it is again nice to have in your fridge to add to....well whatever you like.

Made a cucumber salad with scallion and roasted peppers. Some olive oil and balsamic.

Grilled the shrimp and the peppers. Put everything together and enjoy your yummy dinner.


Anna said...

Ooooooh, roasted cauliflower, one of my more recent favorites. We each race to get the brown bits, sort of caramelized. I like to serve it with homemade mayo drizzled generously on top.

Marc said...

It was my first time making it. Oh my g'd!!!! DELICIOUS! Home made mayo drizzle......now I'm hungry.


sarena said...

You and your nightshades!!:)
I love stopping by and have recently started posting pics of my food creations on my blog too--thanks for the inspiration!

Marc said...

Hi Sarena,
Do you not eat peppers? I have not made up my mind completely about the night shades, although I have a distaste for eggplant. I've read several posts, but nothing to convincing. If you have some good info, please share. Mark Sisson eats them freely (peppers and tomatoes, so does Art D.)
I'm enjoying your blog too, great workouts you do, WOW. ;-)

sarena said...

Yeah, I gave the nightshades up as a whole years ago. Restarted them and realized they just dont work for me. So about 15 months ago, I stopped again! I never ate tomatoes as I was "allergic" to the enzymes in raw tomatoes as is my Mom. Initially peppers and eggplant were difficult though.

A friend of mine who is a rheumatologist, and totally conventional in his practice, even told me what a difference abstinence from these products exhibits in his patients. With the workouts I do, at my age, I need all the help I can get!! Thanks for your kudos on my workouts

Oh and Dr. Garrett Smith,ND, has written extensively on nightshades, in the Performance Menu Journals!
Check the back issues of PMJ
Jan 08
Feb 08
Oct 07
Dec 07

Hope that's helpful!!

sarena said...

Hey wanna link my blog to yours??

Marc said...


very helpful! Just read the first link.
Would you kow if "hot peppers' are part of the nightshades? There seems to be good feedback about eating hot peppers. (capscin (spelling) being beneficial)
Thanks again for the links!
Have a great day!!!

Naomi said...

Haha, that does look exactly like hutspot! I'll have to give it a try sometime :) Cool you thought of me <3
Your pesto sounds nice 'n easy too, mmmm..

Marc said...


Would be my pleasure! See link on right.

Try it, it's easy and oh so good!

sarena said...

Oh and I forgot, I also made some mashed cauliflower today!!