Monday, March 31, 2008

Thought is energy.

If you truly take this to heart.........anything and I mean anything can be accomplished.
Anywho; back to food ;-)

Spinach salad with eggs, cherry tomatoes, evoo and balsamic.
The balsamic/evoo dressing is very tasty on baby spinach. Try it.

Sausage with asparagus, spinach and onion.

Does this want to make you eat a nice cold kiwi or what?????

Enjoy the day!


Naomi said...

I like how that spinach salad looks :)

sarena said...

and i actually bought kiwi today. Now I know what dessert will be (btw, I never eat "dessert" as such!)

sarena said...

hey do you ever use the young coconuts? I love em but find them hard to open etc...

Marc said...

sometimes when I'm on or near the beach here, I find young ones.
They are tough to open, easiest is to just slice of the top and drink the milk.

Naomi, it tasted good too ;-)
As to the insulin response from previous comment, it makes sense.
But I don't get it from cheese like the other poster. Do you?

Naomi said...

I think I do- not 100% sure. Also depends on which type of cheese I guess..