Monday, March 24, 2008

Breakfast as important as made to believe?

"Eat your breakfast!!! " That is what we have all heard over and over again. "If you don't eat breakfast, you'll get fat" Heard that one too? There are countless others.
Ultimately, breakfast is a breaking of the fast and that does not need to occur at 7 am.
I eat for the first time usually around 9:30-10. After a 7-8 am workout, I start getting hungry at that time. On Sunday, when I was nice and lazy and puttering around my house, I did not get hungry till noon. When do you break the fast?

Natural Chicken sausage with omega 3 eggs and some of my homemade spicy relish.


Anna said...

Most mornings, same as you, mid-morning. two or three eggs, over easy, in butter. Today, though, I didn't have breakfast at all. It's 1pm, I'm finally hungry and I am grilling a nice pork Italian sausage, which I will cut into rounds and eat over a large mixed green salad with diced fennel picked fresh from my garden this morning, avocado & feta.

I've never had hunger first thing in the morning, but in my high carb days I got hungry right about the time I got to work (activity drives hunger in me). There was always something to munch on there, such as bagels and cream cheese, leftover cake, or gasp, donuts. That's before I saw the LC light (unfortunately, not before some high carb>high blood sugar damage was done).

Now low carb meals seem to really allow a much longer length of time between the last food of the day and the first food of the next day. The hunger comes on much slower, more comfortably, and I'm rarely ravenous (though my sausages on the grill smell mighty good and are whetting my appetite right now. Time to get that salad together.

Marc said...


Your salad sounds delcious.
I agree with you totally about the hunger coming on slowly. I clearly remember when I used to go out to eat at night and eat a bowl or pasta or risotto. I would then wake up in the morning absolutely famished. I never have that feeling now.


Dave Clary said...

I used to eat like clockwork--something every three hours starting at 7am. Now the start of the eating day may come at 7:15 or maybe 10:30. Sometimes I feel hungry early--sometimes I don't. It an "intermittent" thing! :-)

Naomi said...

It's like you've been reading my mind! Breakfast should indeed be about breaking your fast, whichever time that may be :)