Saturday, March 22, 2008

Feel Good Eating

OK, the first picture does not do justice to the taste of it; mashed broccoli and cauliflower. Splash of half and half, butter and fresh ground pepper. Does not look like much. But very tasty and again easy to make.
Second picture is some home made SPICY relish/salsa.
Lots of different peppers (habanero, scotch bonnet, poblano's and some more I don't know the name of) garlic, sea salt, evoo and vinegar. Lasts long in your fridge and very versatile. From sauteing with veggies to add on for steaks. Lots of options.
Last picture; fresh local strawberries. The whole box cost $5 at the farmers market.


sarena said...

Did you just mash the veggies together? Add in anything? I could envision some tehina in with that....

Jay C said...

I'd move for just the "local" berries.
Great post, thanks.

Marc said...

Hi Sarena,

I just chopped up all the different peppers, put them in a bowl, then chopped up 4 or 5 cloves of garlic, added that, small splash of vinegar, some extra virgin olive oil, some sea salt. mixed it all together and put it in the glass jar.
Tehina would be very yummy with it!!! Like i said, so versatile, nice to have in the fridge. It's very spicy ;-)

They are killer. Great flavor.
I bet your cute doggie would love it here too. ;-)


Debs said...

Oh, I'm jealous that you already have local berries! Here in Seattle, the berries are still many months of rain away. Those ones look lovely.

Cauliflower does indeed make a great mash. On Friday, I made some mashed with celery root, and mixed in sauteed onions, leeks, and flat-leaf parsley, as well as some roasted garlic, butter and cream. So good!

Marc said...

Hi Debs!

I will try and make that. It sounds delicious!! Do you roast the garlic by slicing of the top and dabbing with some olive oil and then in the oven? (that's the only way I know)

No real rain here, the weather is wonderful, but no mountains ;-(