Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rubs and Farmers market booty

Tasty and simple is becoming my motto.
So here's another one and trust me; SUPER tasty and 5 minute prep time.
I found some grass fed lamb chops, (or ribs as some call them) a lot of supermarkets carry conventional ones coming from Australia or New Zealand. They are also very good.
Gave them a rub with; cumin, coriander, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder. (if you have mustard seed powder, please add. I was out of it)

I wrap them in some wax paper and place in a large ziploc. I will keep these in the fridge for 24-48 hours so they can age and the rub can really get in there. Now for the magic. Crush one large clove of garlic, chop and add to a ramakin with tamari sauce. (just 3 or 4 tablespoons) Cover and set in the fridge. After I've grilled the lamb chops I drizzle this garlic soy over them. Try it!

Here's some of Saturday's treasures from the farmers market. Those pineapples are locally and organically grown. They are small, but have an amazing flavor. Same for the spring onions.
I read on another blog how well produce from local sources keeps. I can second that, as the strawberries last at least a week. From the supermarket they seem to last 2 days.


Anna said...

I have started using the magic of spice rubs fairly recently, too. I use Shannon Hayes' book, The Farmer and the Grill, for spice rub combinations. The back of the book has directions for a variety of spice rub flavors that will last for at least several recipes, so it saves bit of time. Bruce Aidell's Complete Meat book is another good one for spice rub and grilling ideas. Dana Carpender also has a low carb BBQ book with spice rubs.

Isn't it fun photographing such lovely produce? They're like jewels!

Marc said...


Like I've said before, you are a treasure trove of information. Thank you for sharing!! Thanks to you, I got the Shannon Hayes book.
Now I will have to get Bruce Aidell's ;-)

I"m glad you are enjoying the pictures, you are dead on, I enjoy snapping and sharing them.
I'm happy you vist my blog.