Sunday, March 30, 2008

Food planning

In the comments, some one asked about food planning. Let me see if I can help inspire and simplify a little.
First of, let me get this clear for you; as you will not be eating a krispy creme doughnut or a special k granola bar with 72 ounces of coffee at your desk. Get ready to upset the status quo. Expect staring, questions, ridiculing and general dislike and contempt for whatever it is YOU'LL be eating at your work. I made the mistake of eating my broccoli cauliflower mash the other day. The smell was so strong that my coworkers thought, some one had relieved them selves in one of the offices. (My bad, I must admit the smell was a bit pungent, and will leave that for home from now on) When they came sprinting into my office to ask " Marc, WTF????" I told them I had terrible gas from the twinkies I had for breakfast, and if I could please have some privacy, as it is embarrassing enough for me. ;-)

Here's a question; do you ever eat fried or scrambled eggs cold? A boiled egg cold is normal, but I don't think many people eat it cold any other way. I do ;-)
Breakfast at the office for me might look exactly like this.

Put the above in a to go container and put a freezer pack in your little lunch box to keep it cold.
So for planning purposes, get ready to cook early in the morning or at night and get used to eating warm dishes cold. The other morning I made "meat salad'. In some O butter, brown grass fed ground beef. Then toss meat with spoon of mayo and lots of thin sliced celery.
A nice nicoise salad (let me know if you need recipe again) is perfect for breakfast and can be made the night before. Like many other people that red this blog, I eat a lot of left overs for breakfast. This was dinner the other night. Sauteed asparagus with some of my homemade hot pepper relish and tuna. The left overs were delicious.

For the poster that left me the question about food planning; post a small list of some foods that you like to eat, and I will give you some ideas. Would that help?


sarena said...

I too can pretty much eat anything!:) My family thinks I am nuts.

Just had me some breakfast at noon (woke up at 7am) as I am back to IFing again!

breaskfast was some leftover chicken and turkey and veggies (broc and artichoke hearts) that slowcooked in coconut milk along with some brussel sprouts. I had a sweet craving afterwards, so it was a plum for dessert.

Headed out now for the day, will take along some leftovers from yesterday dinner--
salad of endive, scallion, daikon, cukes and hardboiled egg with coconut oil and tehina dressing!

Dinner may be a salmon burger with broccoli and salad but not sure yet. Oh and maybe I will add some leftover pesto to the burger!

Its kinda weird since I used to hate having leftovers. Now it is totally a pleasure!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Marc, for a prompt post!
Here are some of my challanges:
1. I have a slight allergy (listed in the order from low to high) to the following: eggs, beef, milk and pork. So, I can eat eggs and pork once in a while but certainly not every day or every other day.

2. I just can't stomach breakfast. (Never could, even as a child). I get up at 5:40am and can only manage a cup of coffee. I would like to have a small (and I mean really small) snack around 10:30-11:00 am to tie me over until lunch around 1pm. I work in a legal dept and food is frowned upon around paper so whipping out a container with food is not really something I would like to do...(I am really even more interested in the ideas for this little "breakfast" thing than lunch because lunch I can warm up.)

3. I found out that even high fat dairy causes sweet cravings for me. This morning I tried a piece of goat cheese and was ravenous afterwards.

4. Foods I like: most fruits and veggies, lamb, bison, duck and to a lesser extent chicken and fish. I love sashimi,but don't really care for most cooked fish.

5. Finally, I am literally sprinting 6 rather long blocks from the train on high heels, so I would like to keep my bags to a minimum.

How is this for a challange? :-)
I look forward to hearing from you!

Marc said...

I like a challenge ;-)

I posted something in regards to "breaking the fast". It can be what ever works for you. So as you like a "little snack breakfast" how would some almonds and fruit work for you? I'm guessing you are in Manhattan? If so you would have access to a Whole Foods maybe?
How about some lamb sausages? You could make them the night before, slice them up and combine with a host of different veggies. Think spinach, asparagus etc.
As for sashimi ( I love it myself) try locating some good ahi tuna. It's great over a salad for lunch.
Ground bison can be used for the "meat salad" I suggested. Just add lots of sliced celery and a little mayo.
Do you get hungry around 4-5? I'm thinking you might, if so, have a small ziploc ready with some cucumber, cherry tomatoes and some sliced grilled chicken. Grilled chicken is a great item to keep in your fridge as it is so versatile.
More to follow.
Make it a great week!!!!


Naomi said...

I have the same reaction to dairy! Thought I was the only one, with all the MDA-ers out there...

This anonymous writer of yours sounds exactly like me Marc :)

One tip; Breakfast in the train. Weird looks from strangers can be more bearable than from co-workers.

Marc said...

funny, I used to not like left overs either. Tell me a little bit about your tehina dressing if you wouldn't mind. How do you make it?

Every now and then I'll have some yogurt and now that I think about it, it does make me hungry.....
I'll have to look into that. Anybody have any clues as to why?
Scott K. if you are reading, do you know?


Marc said...
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Naomi said...

Hm, I think it's because lactose triggers an insulin response. Don't quote me on that though ^^