Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kids Meal

Unexpectedly had my kids over for dinner last night.
So was short on time and did not get a chance to take some pics.
Here's what I made quickly.
12 ounce cut of grass fed rib-eye made in the cast iron skillet. I pound it a little bit flat so it cooks evenly and quicker. Sauteed yellow squash with garlic and a splash of tamari.
Dessert was melon and some blueberries. I had a glass of wine and some left over meat for dad as the kids enjoyed it to much to share ;-)
Breakfast yesterday was a delicious chicken sausage with some spinach.


AT22 said...

Love your recipes! Where are you located? The farmers' market looked great! I can't find one like that here - and certainly not at this time of year :)

Marc said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by!
I'm located in South west Florida.
Pretty nice weather this time of year.
Glad you like the recipes.
Are the explanations clear enough?
Have a great day!