Monday, February 11, 2008

"Love, is my religion" Ziggy Marley

I was listening to that Ziggy Marley song this morning when I was working out.
It made me smile, simple little song, great message.

For all of you that were excited to see some pictures from the farmers market, murphy's law came into the picture (no pun intended) and the battery in my camera died Saturday morning.
So I will share some more pictures then normal, to show some of the goodies that I got.
Don't worry, I'll be back at the market next Saturday and will snap away!

Last nights dinner;
Grilled fresh local shrimp with a cilantro, lime, red pepper, green onion, garlic and olive oil salad.
Grilled portabello mushroom with same salad. Both served over fresh cucumber.
Side salad with some organic fresh tomatoes and grandma's dressing with a touch of balsamic in there. All produce and seafood except for the mushroom came from the farmers market.

This is the salad, as well as the marinade for the shrimp and the portobello. 30 minutes or so is all that's needed.

Take a look at these delcious looking organic onions and tomatoes. Also habanero peppers, a yam, garlic and wine ;-)

Breakfast this morning;
Grass fed ground beef, with onion, red pepper and a 1/4 of a habanero.
Fresh local strawberries and celery. I can't believe the way this celery tastes, compared to what's available in the supermarket. It needs a good washing, but the color is much greener and the taste much more subtle and refreshing
Lunch was left over shrimp from last night (about 10 or so) with cucumber and celery.


Naomi said...

Beautyfull photo's :)

Marc said...

Thank you Naomi.
Next weekend, farmers market pictures ;-)