Monday, February 25, 2008

Paleo eating boring?

Certainly not!
The next few posts will show that (at least in my opinion) eating the paleo/ef/primal nutrition way does not need to be boring or un exciting. O contraire mon frere (those french have a word for everything don't they?, thank you Steve Martin ;-)) You can make delicious gourmet meals. Still simple and quick to prepare but loaded with flavor and all the good stuff.
So instead of posting my everyday breakfasts, that I'm sure you are all sick of by now......I will change it up for a bit and post some evening meals.
Dinner tonight;
Fresh Cod, topped with garlic, pepper, habanero pepper, soy sauce salsa. Side salad with champagne vinaigrette dressing.
Total prep time is around 20 minutes.
Marinate the cod overnight in soy sauce,rice vinegar and a splash of oj. I honestly don't know in what measurements. But I don't use a lot of soy (I use tamari) for it will get too salty for my taste)
Side salad prep, red and green leaf lettuce, cucumber, scallion, cherry tomatoes and radishes.
Champagne vinaigrette; dijon mustard (careful what you buy, many have msg in them) garlic, scallion, champagne and olive oil. mix olive oil last and whisk until fully mixed together.
"salsa" saute cubanelle pepper (I had some left over purple pepper also) with garlic and 2 slivers of habanero pepper, add splash of soy at the end. Spoon over the cod.
Are these directions somewhat clear?

In case you're curious......Breakfast this morning was some canned smoked wild salmon with chopped red onion, tsp of vegenaise. Celery stalk to accompany. 1 small apple.


Lemur said...

Nice post, I look forward to more evening meals. I'm finally getting confident enough to start cooking more than just salad (I'm lame in the kitchen, for years "maruchan ramen" was my specialty) and you always make it look so easy & simple.

One thing that always put me off cooking was how complicated recipes seemed, it always took me forever to make anything. But paleo eating is so simple and obvious... I finally feel like I WANT to cook. =)


Marc said...

Hi Heather,

I'm really happy to hear that.
Sometimes I wonder, if my directions are clear enough. It's a little unconventional.....but hey , then again so am I ;-)