Monday, February 18, 2008


One of my college room mates always says "Nothing like a bacon jones"
And Sunday morning I had one of those real bacon cravings to go with my eggs.
So went and got some none cured, no nitrate, nothing artificial $5 more expensive then the regular stuff packages. Well 2 actually, did I mention craving?
Even though this is more expensive, please splurge for it. It is so much tastier then the regular varieties and you'll be consuming a lot less additives and strange ingredients.
I satisfied my "bacon jones" and also have bacon and bacon grease left over to utilise in other naughty recipes.

Breakfast this morning was left over bacon (told you I had a serious craving) and melon. Also a small piece of left over lamb chop.
This is how I made the lamp chops. I gave them a rub of; cumin, coriander, pepper, paprika, onion and garlic powder. I then wrapped fresh mint all around the chops and wrapped it up in wax paper. Let sit in the fridge overnight. Also make a small bowl with soy/tamari sauce and chopped fresh garlic. Again. refrigerate this too overnight. Next day remove the mint and grill the lamb chops, drizzle on the garlic soy sauce while grilling.
Bacon, lamb abd melon below

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