Friday, February 8, 2008

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

I hope all of you have some nice plans for the weekend.
I forgot my camera at work yesterday, but like promised, I will take pictures at the farmers market tomorrow, and post those.

Breakfast this morning took some creativity because fridge contents did not improve from yesterday.
Guacamole with red onion, cilantro and some hot sauce. 3 strips of bacon that I took form the kitchen at work, some celery sticks. Blueberries.

Went for an early morning walk this morning. Sprinted a little, skipped a long a little, did some pushups, generally acted like a little kid playing outside. Left me feeling happy and energized.
My girlfriend took a picture with her iphone of her breakfast this morning. If she emails it to me, I will post it.


Naomi said...

Can't wait to see this farmer's market! been hearing so much about it, would be nice to see some pictures :)
prettig weekend!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marc:

Couldn’t find a way to send you an email via blog, so I am posting here again.
The thing I find interesting (and common) among paleo-style eating practitioners is that their body gradually LOSES the ability to process grains. Most feel sluggish, sleepy and bloated after eating them even though they didn’t use to feel that way before.

I can’t articulate why I find it alarming (since according to paleo theory eating grains is not something that we should be doing anyway), but I really do. Doesn’t the paleo-eaters experience show that we HAVE adapted to eating grains after all? I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I fear (now, I said it!) that I will somehow mess up my body’s metabolism and ability to process grains altogether.
If we were to take celiacs and people with true grain intolerance out of the equation, could it be that it is the high consumption of sugar, unnatural food (HFCS, hormones, weird oils like canola, over processed foods like pizza), large portions and low level of physical activity that is making the majority of the population unhealthy?

Marc said...

Dear Lana,

Good question. I suspect you are not full convinced about paleo/ef/primal nutrition lifestyle. Question for you; how do you feel after a large pasta meal? Slugggish at all?
I don't think you lose the ability to process the grains, but when you don't eat it, you are just more aware/sensitive to the way it makes you feel. Think of it like excercise. If you don't do it, and then you go for a run or a workout, you will not feel so good afterwards, even really hurt for a few days maybe.
I do fully agree that al the things you mention TOTALLY add to the making of an unhealthy population.
I believe that life is NOT about depriving yourself. So eventhough I make (what I believe) smart and conscious choices about my diet, if I am in the mood to have a small slice of pizza from a really good pizza place, I just might. I woudln't eat a whole pie like I might have done 9 years ago. ;-)
I posted on my blog that I was in N.Y.C recently. I ate an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese and smoked salmon. It was DELICIOUS! And in case you're wondering, didn't make me feel bad at all or weird or anything.
Great getting your posts!
Wishing you a wonderful Monday and I hope you feel a little better!

Marc ;-)