Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Want to live an extraordinary life? Don't live it in an ordinary way"

I've always liked that quote. A very special man from Japan told it to me.
Do you own a cast Iron Skillet? If not, get one. They are so versatile and you can really get that nice grilled flavor going on your veggies. They are not expensive you can find decent ones around $20.
Here's how I made an easy breakfast.
Grilled asparagus, red pepper, garlic, scallion and 2 small "peppa doo" peppers (spelling?) rubbed all of it with 1 tbs evoo.
While that was grilling in the cast iron skillet, I par boiled a sweet potato. When the veggies were done, I quickly put the sliced sweet potato in the grill pan also. Also made some tuna salad with a little vegenaise, olives and scallion. organic red leaf lettuce cut up and mixed in. Goes great together. Big meal, but was hungry from tennis last night and a quick workout this morning.

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