Friday, February 1, 2008


I've been posting later in the day, recounting lunch and dinner. But no pictures with those updates. Is it helpful to keep posting those updates? Does it give you some ideas for your dinner or lunch? If not no big deal and I will just post the breakfast/snack bag for the day.
Late lunch yesterday was my version of chicken cacciatore. Sauteed little pieces of chicken then added my left over red sauce and crushed red pepper. Total prep time 7 minutes.
Dinner; Garlic, yellow onion, baby bella mushrooms, bean sprouts and tempeh in a mustard and red wine sauce. Side salad. Romaine, cucumber, tomato and grandma's dressing. Let me know if you need the recipe again.
Salmon salad with eggs, celery and capers. Try this instead of using lots of mayo or vegenaise.
Canned WILD salmon (I like Natural sea, no salt added) thin sliced celery, capers.
In a bowl mix 1/2 teaspoon vegenaise, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, splash of water. Mix well.
It's a nice change form the regular vegenaise/mayo consistency. Few slices of apple and celery to go with it.


sarena said...

Never did really go for mayo/vegenaisse and was wondering how tehina would be! Thoughts?

Marc said...

Hi Sarena,
Thanks for stopping by ;-)
I'm not sure how it would be with tehina. I do like tehina a lot.
I soemtimes make my version crispy chicken with tehina. I might make that later this week and post the recipe.
I did post this recipe recently for tuna, but you can do the same with Salmon.
"Tuna, tomato, cherry tomato, red onion, fresh basil, evoo, splash of lemon juice and fresh ground pepper"
Try it.
Have a great day.