Thursday, January 31, 2008


It's Japanese for (loosely translated) "KEEP GOING"
To keep going no matter what! Life gets in the way of our dreams, plans, expectations; but that's ok. Just keep going!
I know.....back to food. ;-)

Yesterday for lunch with customers in a Japanese restaurant, I had sashimi. 4 pieces of salmon and 2 pieces of white tuna (also known as Escolar) A few cucumber slices. This was very satisfying as I had a big breakfast. Snack later in the day was blueberries and almonds.
I play soccer on Wed. nights, so before I went I made a quick stir fry of chicken and asparagus.
No fancy stuff, evoo, garlic, onion, asparagus and 2-3 ounces of chicken.
Breakfast; again quick and simple!
3 brussel sprouts shredded, garlic, red onion, chicken broth and chicken. Sauteed and then simmered for a few minutes. Kiwi and apple. Celery and raw cashews, almonds, for snack. Look how green the kiwi is. Both organic by the way. Check out for a stimulating post on organic vs conventional. To add my 2 cents to that. The chicken I bought yesterday, I got at a regular supermarket. I think it's called Murray's. It's free range and natural . It weighed 12 ounces and cost was $5.24. I think that is twice as expensive as lets say Purdue. If you eat correctly, as in in 3-4 ounce portions, is it still expensive? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Marc:
I am a new reader of your blog. I really love it; for some reason the sunny tone of your blog really resonates with me!
I am familiar with paleo eating, but I have to say that several of my previous attempts at this type of a lifestyle have not been successful.
I was wondering if you would be willing to share your experience with the transition period to this type of eating.
As I’ve been looking through your pictures, I noticed that your portions are fairly small. Let me take that back. They are actually what they should be, but I know that many low carbers and paleo dieters eat quite a bit more. Do you feel hungry throughout the day? Do tell!
Thank you and good health to you!

Marc said...

Hi There!
I just noticed your comment, so my apologies for not responding sooner. I'm glad you like my blog, it's very gratifying to get positive feedback. What makes me really happy is that my sunny tone comes through!!!! Most people in my office can't understand that I'm ALWAYS in a good mood. Life should be like that, no matter what. It's too short to be angry and depressed.
To answer your question;
I've always been interested in eating well, after I read a little book in college caled "The Sugar blues" How come no-one ever told me that eating 5 kitkats in a day is not good for you!!! I had no clue.
So after that I starting changing my ways. Years of reading led me to being vegetarian, vegan etc etc. Finally 2 years ago my friend (who is health minded) introduced me to Art Devany (see link).
My eyes were opened after reading that and I devoured all the reading about Paleo. It's what I basicaly always understood. Eat whole foods!!! But there was so much conflicting info out there, that I believed whole wheat pasta was a whole food. After starting to adopt these new ways I' have never never felt better. I'm lean strong and have a (what I humbly believe) a great looking body for a 40 year old.
As to portions, notice that some times they are larger then others.
Some workouts leave me hungry.
I eat when I'm hungry and you don't need much if you have GODD snacks on hand, like some nuts or something.
Hope this helps a little, started to ramble so I'll stop for now.
I'd like to hear how you are trying to incorporate this diet and what challenges you're having.
Thank you again!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Marc, for your prompt reply!
I am a little under the weather now with a cold, but I have been working on a food blog, so soon I won't have to post anonymously.

I will try to send you an email through your blog (I think there is an option like that on your blog) with a few details.

Best wishes and please KEEP posting; your blog is quite inspiring! :-)