Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Comment Troubles

I've responded to several comments over the week, and they do not seem to be posting. Also other comments seem to disappear. I spoke to tech support about it and it should be ok now.
so try and send of a quick comment if you have a minute and I will respond, just to test the system.
My traveling week challenged my way of eating, but in the end I think I came out on top.
I did consume a few carbs in the form of rice with sushi as well as a bagel (GASP!!!). I had it the New York way with cream cheese and smoked salmon. It was very tasty and oddly enough left me full for the entire day. Anywho, back to food.

2 boiled eggs, some smoked salmon, 4 slices of melon, blueberries and a celery stalk.
This kind of breakfast gives me a lot of energy for the morning hours, but I'm usually ready to eat again around noon. (That's less then 3 hours after I eat.)

1/4 rotisserie chicken with some raw sliced onion and brocoli.


Chris said...


Marc said...

Thank you Chris.
Seems ok.

Loving the info on your blog lately. Good stuff!
And has given me great new workout routines.


heather said...

Glad you made it home ok!

Marc said...

Thanks Heather!

Was thinking of you while I was walking through the city.
Lots of picture opportunities ;-)