Monday, January 7, 2008

Week of January 7th

I'm traveling on business this week, so won't be posting a lot per my New Years resolution.
But will keep you updated on my food choices. Not always easy when you are travelling.
Breakfast this morning was a buffett.
My plate as follows;
Scrambled egg, smoked salmon, red onion, tomato and some capers. I just cut it all up and mixed it togehter. Honeydew and cantaloupe slices.

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heather said...

I could have absolutely sworn that I left a comment here yesterday, but now it's gone... Anyways, the gist was basically thanks for the updates, really enjoyed reading them. And sorry to drop off the map for awhile there, life got crazy and when that happens the first thing to go is online stuff.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, which I obviously abandoned at the first sign of Christmas induced panic. Perhaps mid-December was bad timing to start a new project? I did update it again last night, FWIW.

Btw, I tried the other brussels sprouts recipe on that MDA post, and it was awesome. Husband still thinks they're gross, so I got to eat them all! Delightful.

Have fun traveling, take care. =)