Friday, January 18, 2008


"Everything you'll ever need to know is within you; the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body. But you haven't learned how to read the wisdom of the body"

I wrote this down a long time ago, I'm sure it came from a book but can't remember which/what or who.
Anywho.....back to food.

I like sausage, but most available is an ingredients nightmare. So, I've made friends with some local butcher shops that make their own and make me special ones made to order. They do not add questionable ingredients. These need to be made the same day or next as they spoil quickly. I also get some at Whole foods. Esepcially the lamb,spinach and feta ones. Have I ranted yet how said I am that Wild Oats got sucked up by Whole foods? I'll leave that for another post.

Romaine lettuce, one small spicy pepper, one marinated clove of garlic, one lamb,spinach and feta sausage drizzle of olive oil.
Also preppeded some cantaloupe and blueberries buit have not eaten it as I am full from the "sausage salad"


Dave Clary said...

I'll leave a mini-rant for you. Our "healthy alternative" grocery here was Sun Harvest and they were bought out by Wild Oats. They carried a brand of Greek yogurt I liked. As soon as Whole Foods started calling the shots, my yogurt disappeared. AARRGGHHHH!!!!

Anna said...

I love sausage! Talk about the ultimate fast food! I now have a heavy duty grinder with a sausage suffer attachment for making raw food for my cats (ground up whole chicken), so I am going to make some sausage for myself one of these days.

We have a local chain that was bought up by Wild Oats a few years ago. Some things about it improved (the produce) and some things about it didn't (sloppy or sleazy meat and seafood handling). It is the only store where I've bought meat/seafood one day that was spoiled the next (my fridge is very, very, cold and I shop with insulated cold bags and ice packs so I know it doesn't get warm). They take it back, but it is a pain. I suspect they repackage or dip older items in preservative solutions. I also don't like their store-made sausage. There isn't enough fat in it and the spice mix has too much sugar and additives. I've been told (but haven't confirmed this), that they make the sausage from the past sell-by dated meat. Since I get most of my meat from a local "hobby" farm now, it isn't a huge issue for me, but still , it is a bit off-putting about Wild Oats. Perhaps some stores in other locations are better managed.

Currently Whole Foods is too far away for me to go to very often, though who knows what will happen when the takeover is finalized and the dust settles. There are three Wild Oats stores within 5-6 miles of me so at least some of them may be converted to WF.