Friday, January 4, 2008

Leftovers RULE

I always find ways to throw together a decent meal......even when a first look in my fridge reveals nothing of the sort. So breakfast this morning went something like this;
Ah, left over tandoori chicken, hmmmmm red cabbage, forgot I had that; onion? score! Garlic, I always have garlic. 4 asparagus hiding underneath a large cucumber, some cilantro, some spinach.
Sauteed some garlic and onion, added finely chopped red cabbage, cut up asparagus, chopped some cilantro and spinach for a last second addition. Some fresh ground pepper.
Nice variety of color, very tasty with a little kick form the spicy tandoori chicken.

FYI, if you need dinner ideas; last night I made brussel sprouts using a recipe I saw on Marksdailyapple. Balsamic Brussell Sprouts. Easy to make and very tasty. Link on the right of the blog. Made a red sauce (out of the jar) for the kids with organic turkey. Large mixed salad.

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