Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sleeping, Evolutionary fitness and the hunter gatherer

How is everyone sleeping? And how much do you sleep?

I've noticed an interesting pattern lately. I wake early (5:30-6), I go for a workout, eat a good amount of food around 9:30. Then I'll eat again at 1 or so. A little snack around 3-4. Then I get hungry again around 4-5, I eat around 6. Glass of wine with and after the meal. Some reading or puttering in the house, and I'm ready for bed at 9. Falling asleep around 9:30 sometimes even earlier. Loads of energy during the day. This pattern had me thinking this morning. Let me tell you my thoughts and how I see this pattern relating to the hunter gatherer.

You see, I wake up, I chew on a few blueberries maybe as I go check and fix my traps early morning. I might have to pull myself up a tree, pull hard on branches to bend them for traps, perhaps move some big rocks. I climb a tree to scout around and stretch some to get my body awake from the night sleep. A few hours after doing all this strenuous activity I go back to my traps, gather some plants and leaves on the way and find to my delight that I have some game (or fish) in my traps. I now get to eat all this goodness.

Just and observation I thought I'd share. Anywho......back to food.
Scrambled eggs with lots of scallions. Blueberries and a piece of apple.

Lunch; Celery, some left over rotisserie chicken, some left over sauteed spinach.
Snack a few raw cashews and almonds

Dinner; This should be good. In the crock pot I threw together this morning was the following;
3/4 of a Red cabbage, one large onion, 6-8 cloves of garlic, red wine, fresh ground pepper, some sea salt. And a bone in chicken breast that I browned on both sides, before putting in the with the rest.

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