Tuesday, February 19, 2008


How much garlic do you go through in a week?
I'm finding I go through 3 bulbs a week.
Salmon salad, collard greens sauteed with lots of garlic ;-) and crushed red pepper.
Star fruit. I've been getting this at the farmers market. It's one of the best stands there.
It's an old guy with a tiny little table and all he sells are about 20 starfruits and avocados that he grows in his back yard. So you got to get there early, cause when he sells out, he folds up his table and leaves ;-)


Lemur said...

Love the pictures lately, the farmer's market looks wonderful. We don't have one in my area, and even if we did chances are it would be closed for the winter. February in VA is a bit colder than February in FL. :)

I'm still new to using garlic (well, new to cooking in general), but I've used it in my Brussels sprouts once, and put 2 or 3 whole bulbs in with some roasted root veggies. It takes me forever to deal with it, hoping I'll get faster with practice.

I got a whole chicken to make that recipe you posted recently with the garlic & lemon stuffed in it. I'm out of town until next week (staying with my younger siblings while our parents are on a trip), but I plan to make it when I get home. Hope you're having a good week, thanks for all the posts & photos! :)

Marc said...

Hi Lemur,

Glad you are linking the pics. Hopefully your getting some ideas from the dishes also.

Stick with the garlic! It's good for you. Take a clove and bang on it with the flat side of a chef's knive. This way it peels itself.
Thanks again and you hang in there with the little ones. ;-)


Lemur said...

Thanks for the tip, Marc. I'll bet my husband knows how to do that and can demonstrate for me. He usually opts for the pre-minced stuff, but I'd prefer to use the fresh bulb when we can.

I'm having a great time with the "little ones", they're 15 years old (quadruplets) and we do this every February when our parents take a trip. We're all really close, so staying with them is more like a fun vacation than your average "babysitting". :)