Friday, February 22, 2008


Remember I told you I had that head cold? Well, it went away quickly and then my daughters got it. So when I had them for the weekend, I had to baby them a little. They gave it right back to me and by Tuesday I felt a chest cold/flue coming on. I'm convinced that when your immunity is cranking, these type of bugs sort them selves out very quickly. I felt my body responding to the onslaught with a severe cough, less of an appetite and thirst. Today I'm feeling great and the cough is almost gone. 2 and half days! I remember years ago if something like this came my way, I would be in bed for 5 days. One last thing, you know how when you feel a sore throat coming on or some other cold/flu like symptom? What's your immediate reaction? Usually it's like this "GGRRRR#@#@@#@#@&^^&&^& I can't believe I'm getting sick!!!!!!!!!!" I stayed very conscious of that negative thought coming in, and tried to positively redirect it. Thinking more along the lines of, "wow, how cool that my body is responding perfectly to this little virus"
It might be just placebo.........but then again.......body and mind are one right?
ANYWHO......sorry....back to food!

Last night made my version of chicken cacciatore. Chicken sauted in butter with loads of spicy peppers, one tomato and simmered in white wine. Of course I had some left overs. ;-)

This morning breakfast;
Red cabbage, onion, garlic, one small habanero and left over chicken cacciatore mixed in.


Anna said...

I thought we couldn't get the same cold virus twice.

Twice winter I think I might have headed off colds by taking Vit D3 in huge doses. Hard to prove, I know.

But both times I felt a cold coming on, I started taking 10,000iU of D3 capsules a day for several days and no cold developed.

The third time this winter when I felt a cold starting (and there were all sorts of long-lasting viruses circulating my son's school) I didn't take the extra D3, just my usual CLO, and I did get a mild cold, but it only lasted a couple days and wasn't too bad at all. My son got it a bit later and it started out very mild, but became a long-lasting cough. it took a while, but he got over that without intervention.

Marc said...


Very possible in regards to the vitamin D. I live in a tropical sunny climate and I al ready look forward to this weekend so I can get some beach time and my extra dose of vitamin D. It always makes me feel better.
Have a nice weekend.


Anna said...

I live in So Cal and even here I don't think I can rely on the winter sun for enough Vit D production. The Vit D-producing light wavelengths are too limited (according to some solar ray calculators I have seen in duration during winter months). Plus at 56 degrees F today and gray rainy weather (who says it never rains in So Cal?), I can't and won't expose enough skin to consistently get enough rays to make adequate Vit D (I also have had skin cancer). Today I am bundled up in wool from neck to toe and still feel cold indoors so I guess I have to opt for the capsules.

But I do understand your point about getting nutrients primarily through nature. In the summer or on warm sunny winter days when I can get the rays right, I completely agree.

Marc said...

where in So Cal are you.
My parents used to live in Carlsbad.
Thanks for the cool comments and the sharing of your experiences and thoughts.