Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chicken soup on steroids!

Dang, I'm like a little baby when I don't feel good! Typical male right?
A little head cold (no aches or pains) and I'm acting like my world is about to end.
Well, I guess I can't keep feeling sorry for myself. Time for action.
Remember I had made a huge pot of chicken soup? Happiness flooded my soul when I remembered that last night ;-) (I always freeze a good amount, when I make it)
So breakfast this morning;
Chicken soup WITH an additional, 3 cloves thin sliced garlic, celery, half a habanero pepper and 3 eggs (omega 3, free range).

Also some extra vitamin c taken with daily vitamins. (Mark Sisson's Master Formula if you're interested)


Lemur said...

Hey, sorry to hear you're feeling bad. Take it easy and I'm sure you'll bounce right back. You're way healthier than most people, no little cold can keep you down! :)

Sorry for randomly disappearing yet again, seems to be a pattern with me lately. We had a death in the family that affected our business quite a bit, and a few other bad things going on, so I wasn't much for being online.

Also had my PC spaz out after the electricity went off six times one night, had to reinstall Windows & of course lost my bookmarks. Glad you posted your link on the MDA blog. :)

I have managed to update my blog a couple times, hoping to start posting more regularly now that things have chilled a bit. Hope you're feeling better soon!


Marc said...

Hi Heather,
Glad you're back!
Sorry to hear about your loss.
Wishing you strength and courage during this difficult time!
Thanks again for the early on motivation. As you can see, i have posted quite regularly and more pics.
Hang tough.


Lemur said...

Thanks, I appreciate it. And sorry I didn't see your last comment on my blog, I didn't even think to check that the past couple times I updated.

I see there are a lot of posts & pics, good work keeping up with it. It can be so easy to just space out on it, but I really think it helps keep me focused. I'm gonna go make myself a salad for lunch & catch up reading your posts, maybe I'll find something new I can try. :)

Naomi said...

Especially typical for dutch males I think ;) Isn't a freezer the best thing ever? Hope you feel better soon!

Marc said...

ALL males. ;-)

I feel better al ready thank you.
Going to try and get a good sweat tonight with some tennis.