Thursday, February 26, 2009

Take a breath......relax....enjoy.

I got the feeling that you all enjoyed the picture of the "Beach Portal" last week, so thought I'd share yesterday's picture. I took my visitors on a nice morning boat ride. This small island is just South of Naples, FL. It's called Keewaydin Island. It's narrow and there are just a few homes sprinkled a long the beach. It's only accessible by boat, so building there is an expensive undertaking. It's a public island, so if you have a boat, you can beach your boat and spend the night camping. It's very peaceful there and local dolphin population is constant entertainment with their aerial flips,splashes and jumps. In the distance you can see some buildings, that is Marco Island.

Here you can see how narrow the island is at certain parts. The water you see is the bay side of the island. Do you like shelling??? You'll find some real treasures on Keewaydin.

Easy breakfast. 3 strips of bacon, 3 eggs, some fresh salsa and a few slices of cantaloupe.

ENJOY your DAY!!!


Jay C said...


Great pic's. You are definitely working/living the dream.
Check out my post on taking my Dogs Paleo.
They are loving it and it makes sense. Don't know why I didn't do it sooner.

sarena said...

Hey I would love to come by for a boat ride!! Thats beautiful

Son of Grok said...

Wow that is awesome. Keep it up and I might not be joking anymore when I say "I hate you Marc". ;-)

Marc said...

Hi Jay,
Thank you..not retired...might as well live where it's really nice. ;-)
Can't wait to read your post. Remember my question to you back in October? I'm going to make the switch for my dog also.

Like I say to everyone; come on down, I'll show you around and might even cook for you ;-)

LOL. Still looking for a local climbing gym.


Son of Grok said...

There is one in fort lauderdale. Don't know how far that is for you.

The SoG

BEE said...

That looks beautiful- wish I was there right now. NOW!


Dave Clary said...

Nice pics. Marc. Florida beaches are so much nicer than Texas ones. Spend a couple days at Destin then come to Corpus-- it's night and day! But I'll take the weather at either one over bundling up at a North Sea beach! :-)

Marc said...

The weather is just perfect at the moment. 80 degrees and sunny.

How have you been buddy?????
You still riding your bicycle???
You sticking with the feel good eating way??
Hope all is well.


Dave Clary said...


I'm riding but I had to switch to a recumbent. It's a long story--but I plan on posting about it soon. Otherwise, I lost focus for awhile, but I'm making a comeback!

Son of Grok said...

I would really love to ask you some questions about Thailand. My mother in law is from there. She has 50+ acres of land in her village and I noticed you have some local experience and are building a beautiful house there. Would You mind reaching out to me?

The SoG.

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