Friday, February 13, 2009

Seafood salads

It's a very busy time of year for me, so I get up early and make food for the day to bring to my office. "Seafood salads" are easy and quick to make. They are filling and work well for eating at your desk.

Remember earlier this week I bought wild caught fresh coho salmon? I saved a piece of it and yesterday I simply boiled it quickly.

Removed the skin and chopped up the cooked salmon. In a bowl, I added some smoked salmon loin and spring onion then mayonnaise (not too much). It had the most beautiful pink color.

For a side "salad", I did the following.
I took the salmon skin (lot of good, healthy stuff in that skin) put it on a oven tray and sprinkled it with some Braggs liquid aminos. Under the broiler until crisp. Sliced some cucumber and celery and added the salmon skin. A few more drops of the Braggs Biquid aminos.

Another easy seafood salad is this one;
Instead of the old standby TUNA SALAD, make yourself a smoked fish salad. I bought a piece of smoked Amber jack at the farmers market. Some spring onion and some mayonnaise make for a very delicious meal and it's very different tasting then the above mentioned stand by.
Any smoked fish will work for this. Refreshing melon is a nice accompaniment for a dish like this with a lot of taste.

If you are trying to loose weight eating the primal/paleo/EF way, please read Richard's latest post on Free the Animal. There are some amazing nuggets of wisdom in his last post. Common sense at it's best!!!.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and.......
"'s ok to get what you want from life"


Son of Grok said...

As you know mark, i am a huge fan of salads. Egg salad, tuna salad, salmon salad, chicken salad, turkey salad... you name it. These have only gotten better since I started making you mayo. Your meals here look absolutely delicious as always.

The SoG

Son of Grok said...

and I misspelled you name like a jerk. sorry

Marc said...

Thank you SOG.
and agian I'm with you. I love all types of salad.
I "jonesed" out on chicken salad a while back, I tried making every variety possible. ;-)

No worries on the name. I send people emails at work and they send it back to me mispelled. now that's bad ;-)


sarena said...

Hey thanks again for these awesome tips. But living in the NE where its cold this time of year, I tend to avoid salads and eat more warming foods and cooked veggies! Prob?

Marc said...

Hi Sarena,

You're welcome. Hope you've been well!!!

Hey, I thought it was 65 degrees in NYC last week ;-)
I know what you mean though...
warm foods are conforting when it's cold. Strangely enough....warm foods are cooling when it's really hot.
Ok, I'll work on putting together "warm salads"
Let me see what I come up with.