Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bone in Pork Butt Roast

I lifted this recipe from the magazine Coastal Living
3.5 pound bone in pork butt roast.
I marinated it for 2 days in Mojo dressing with some additional garlic cloves.
The pictures show how easy this is. Bed of onions in the crockpot. Next discard the marinade, pat dry and give it a spice rub. Thyme, cumin, paprika, oregano, sea salt, chili powder and garlic.
In a large pan, brown the roast on all sides. (this really seals in the flavor) Place in the crockpot, put lid on top and let it do it's thing on low for 6-8 hours. It's ready when the meat falls apart.
Please try this some time, you will be AMAZED how good it is.
I posted a comment/ quote that I wanted to share.
“Your ability to work miracles (stop smoking, drinking, sticking to your resolutions, sticking to low carb, be happy etc etc) is predicated entirely on how easily and quickly you can give the collective unconscious the slip. It is your attachment to the unconscious, or world belief patterns that holds you back.” SW
Make it a great day!


Son of Grok said...

Pulled pork with a nice prok butt is one of my absolute favorite meals!

The SoG

BEE said...

Thanks for the link, the quote, and the recipe. All your awesome cooking is inspiring me to do more of my own!

Can't wait to try some nice ass. Errr I mean. Butt. Yum.


Elizabeth said...

That pork butt looks great! I might have to try it sometime.

LivingPrimal said...

Looks great! What is "Mojo" dressing that you marinated it in?

Marc said...

I'm right there with you. Awesome stuff.

You're welcome!

I was amazed how good it came out.

Mojo is a cuban/south american dressing/marinade. It cocnsist of orange and lemon juice and loads of garlic. They sell it in most supermarktets, but read ingredients carefully. Some are loaded with sugar and msg.
It's great to marinate with. poultry ,seafood and meat all take to it.