Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Is eating cheese part of your paleo/EF/Primal ways?

I do eat some cheese from time to time. I especially enjoy goat cheeses and they seem to agree with me better then cow cheese. I think I already let you know about Spanish Drunken Goat Cheese. It's very tasty, but a small portion of it in the gourmet stores will set you back $15.
The other day I saw this ;

(this is why you have not seen posts in a few days. Blogger is acting stupid again and won't let me post pics)
Its a raw goat milk mild cheddar cheese, from a company called Mt. Sterling. 8 oz cost about $5.
It's very good. My guess is they sell it in most health food stores.

Breakfast to go;

Avocado, kielbasa, blueberries and boiled eggs.

Avocado Egg salad with some cheese;
My food Kitty.......get out of there

Coming up next post;
Apple Cider Vinegar, this is going to be good!!


Son of Grok said...

As you know, i include some dairy in my diet and don't feel guilty at all. I have learned though that when it comes to dairy, quality is extremely important!

I have yet to buy into the whole apple cider vinegar thing so i am looking forward to the post!

The SoG

Brynith said...

I agree with you guys- I eat dairy as little as possible, but love it in high quality salad dressings and a little sprinkled in an omelette. Yum!

Thanks for the suggestions- I'd love to stray from my fresh parm!


Rachel said...

I love my cheese. I prefer goat milk cheeses, the goatier the better. A little fresh goat cheese swirled into a tomato sauce can be served on anything, imho :)

Marc said...

Agreed! Quality is key.
I think you'll like the ACV post.

Omelette and feta, YUM!
I do put some parm in my meatballs.
got that idea from Anna.

This all just keep getting better.
I love getting new ideas from all of you. Goat cheese in tomato sauce. I'm going to try it!!!!
Thank you.


TrailGrrl said...

Hey that looks like one of my cats! I think I've seen that brand of goat cheese. I will have to try it out. And I was just thinking that avocado would be good with deviled eggs...


Anonymous said...

How do you keep you avacado fromm turning black/brown when you transport it for breakfast?

Anonymous said...

As a marine biologist who knows everything about fish - your cats fur looks very healthy.

Marc said...

Does your cat also have one of those FAT tails?
I love her tail.
I'm going to have to make some deviled eggs.

It is not enough time to turm brown. I will eat it anywhere from 1.5-2 hours from prep time. But here's an observation; do you keep your avocados in the fridge?
I don't. If I have a half an avocado left and put it in the fridge, and then take it out for use, it turns brown very quickly.
But non refrigerated avocados take longer to turn brown. No idea why.

Dr. Dan,
LOL. She eats well....what can I say ;-)

sarena said...

i try not to do dairy, cow especially. But I recently found that buffalo dairy doesnt bother me at all. I found water buffalo yogurt and cheeses especially good! and I just brought back some today from Israel!!