Monday, February 9, 2009

Wordpress amd dinner

I decided to switch over to Wordpress.
I'm working on the site and I expect to have it ready later this week.

I was so busy eating last night, I almost forgot to take some pictures.

Fresh wild caught coho salmon was on sale.
This is how I went about making it.
Melted 3 teaspoons of butter and added a splash of bourbon to it.
In a large skillet, I cooked the salmon skin side down on high heat.
I also sliced some onion. The onion accompanied the salmon in the skillet and got the same butter bourbon treatment. When the salmon was done, I topped it with some more melted bourbon butter.

Broccoli rabe with garlic, pine nuts and dried cranberries and a splash of chicken broth.

Have a great day.

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Rachel said...

I LOVE adding booze to things I'm cooking. Red wine in tomato sauce, whiskey to deglaze a steak pan, etc.