Sunday, March 1, 2009

A different cut of meat, "Top Blade"

I love trying different cuts of meat.

Here's one that I made last night.

A much under-appreciated "cut" so the price is right.

I quote; "Top blade is also known as Flatiron steak, probably because the untrimmed cut has a triangular shape, reminiscent of the solid irons once used to press clothing. Top blade steak is cut from the chuck, a heavily exercised part of the beef animal. Less tender than the premium steaks, top blade steak is still the best of the chucks. The great advantage of top blade and the other chuck steaks is their combination of good flavor and economical price. "

So how do you get past the "less tender" part?

Simple, pound it out and cook it quick on high heat with fat.

I took a few pieces of Top Blade, cut it in half and cut out the middle sinew. Then pounded it nice and flat. About 1/5 of an inch thick.

Next I made some Garlic Butter. Just mince some garlic and add to butter. Mix well.

Make sure the meat is room temperature. Next, like buttering toast, butter the meat.

Get your grill nice and hot (cast iron skillet works wonderful too) and lay the meat ,butter side up on your grill. Let the meat cook for about 2 minutes, long enough so that you see the pink somewhat disappearing on the buttered side. Now flip once for about 30 seconds. And you're done. This way, the meat is tender and takes on a great grilled flavor. Obviously the garlic butter is there to really make it absolutely mouthwatering. Sorry about the pic, I tried to go for the close up, but didn't come out great.


Son of Grok said...

I think we talked about this before and the joys of trying new cuts. I will count this as your "try something new this weekend" challenge too ;-) Looks good Marc!

The SoG

BEE said...

Looks yummy!

You've inspired me - steak with garlic butter tonight!


george said...

Buttered, fatty meat...what is Healthy Marc VanDam coming too?!


Marc said...

Sounds good, it was new after all. ;-)

Enjoy it! You've certainly earned after your work outs this week.

If you have the time (and interest) browse some of the links on the right. Free the animal has some fantastic posts on the "cholesterol myth" (great book by the way) and the rolde of quality fats in the diet. Probably the best place to start would be Marks Daily Apple. Great information on eating and living the "Primal Life Style". Use the search function to find the "Primal Blue Print". Lots to read there.
So as to healthy Marc....that's how he eats ;-)
If any of you have some other good "starting points" for George, please share.


The Wulf Man said...

I love flat iron steaks. Can't beat them for the price.

Marc said...

Thanks for stopping by Wulfman!
And thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

I'm digging the flat iron steaks too.