Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A friend's paleo dish

Check this out;

I put a little bit of this dish on a plate to show you what my good friend surprised me with.
Marinated shrimp.
She entertains a good amount and serves this dish. She's gathering quite a fan base.
Knowing about my blog and they way I eat, she brought me some to try.
Cooked shrimp, olive oil, vinegar, red onion, capers, orange and a few spices. Let me tell you; this is one delicious little treat.
I'm going to be making this myself soon. My little twist will be that I will not cook the shrimp. So it will be a "ceviche". I don't think that would work for my friend. When you entertain the way she does (and she does it in grand style) you can't take the chance that your guests will eat and enjoy raw shrimp ;-)

Another one of my friends recently told me that my blog inspired him to start cooking more.
Instead of buying roasted turkey breast cold cuts, he bought a fresh turkey breast and roasted it himself. He said it was one of the tastiest sandwiches he had in a while. So even if you don't eat paleo/primal , eat whole, home made foods and you will be way ahead of the game.

Make good choices for deserve it!!

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Son of Grok said...

Mmmmmmm shrimp. I am going to get some while at the market this weekend me thinks. Grilled shrimp Kabobs.

The SoG