Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Staying on the paleo/primal track

Talk about staying on track; get over to SON OF GROK right away and check out how staying on track has dramatically improved his life. His ENTIRE life.

Next check out BEE Lifestyle. Bee has made some changes over the last months and has been sharing some awesome and well written posts. She's a tough one!

I promised I would share some tips on staying on track when you're eating in restaurants.
So here goes;

1. You know best which ones are easier to make "good choices" at. So try and be the decision maker on where you are going out to eat.

2. Don't arrive famished. This seems so obvious, but yet we all have been there. Try this; before you leave to go to the restaurant drink a large glass of water. And have some more when you get there.

3. Tell your server to NOT bring the bread basket. Do this upon sitting down. the longer you wait, the harder it will be, to utter that simple sentence

4. Choose a grilled protein as your choice and ask for double veggies. Or just get your choice of protein over a salad.

5. Lastly look around. see what everyone else is eating, and pride yourself on the fact that you have decided to live your life a different way. Honor your choices.

Pretty simple I know, but sometimes reading it will help you remember, so I hope it does ;-)

So here was my choice for lunch today. Sorry again for the crappy pic (cell phone), I won't make it a habit. Grilled salmon over a salad. I doused it with lots of evoo.



Son of Grok said...

Thanks for the support Marc! Timely post here. When my mother and brother were in town this weekend, we took my brother to the indoor climbing gym. My mother insisted upon taking us out to lunch after so I chose a nearby high quality steak house. Smoked sirloin and garlic spinach later and I was still happily primal. It actually inspired my mother to order the same thing!

Thanks again,
The SoG

BEE said...

Marc- Thank you! Support means everything.

And awesome post. I recently went to a Korean bbq (awesome) and they kept offering us rice, at one point they got offended because we kept declining ("What, you don't LIKE rice??) it was hard to resist, but we did it! If it was on the table, I probably would've eaten some.

Thank you!!


Marc said...

you're welcome my man!! Keep it going. I keep telling BEE the same thing but if I keep doing that she'll soon be strong enough to kick both our asses ;-)

Smoked sirloin...sounds tasty!! How did they make it?

Love korean bbq.
You know when I go to eat some indian food...they refuse NOT to bring the rice. No matter how many times I tell them. I've finaly given up ;-) Maybe I was insulting them or something.
Support is a good thing....our little community is growing steadily. Keep up the good work!


jumpow said...

Nice post Marc.

There's really no excuse to not eat primal out any more. You can always find something - it may not be grassfed or wild, but you can't always sweat the details.

Marc said...

Thank you!! And thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.
Much appreciated.


Son of Grok said...

Preparation as they described it was lightly seasoned (tastes like with pepper and a smidge of salt), never cooked. Slow smoked for 48 hours (or something like that). Melts in your mouth.

The SoG