Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Is Daikon on your grocery shopping list? Grab it next time if you are not familiar with it.
And did you know.....
Daikon also detoxifies smoked or grilled meat or fish. The amino acid cysteine in the radish traps formaldehyde in the meat or fish to form thioproline, which by itself is a carcinogenic chemical. The form of thioproline made with the amino acids in daikon radish, however, never enters the body because it is excreted in the urine. Japanese nutritionists have found that eating daikon (or other Japanese vegetables) with cod increases the elimination of cancer-causing thiroproline over 15-fold. Don't know about the science of that one, but it sounded real nice ;-)

Here's a super easy side dish for you to try. Slice the daikon very thin and then cut in half so that you have half slices. Put in a bowl. Drown in evoo and enjoy. (you can drizzle the evoo, I tend to drown it)
The fresh crispy taste combines wonderfully with the evoo. Far east meats Mediterranean.

Here is a side salad from dinner the other day. Romaine,spinach, daikon, and some left over steak.
Coming soon. A week long menu outline.


Son of Grok said...

Have not tried. Will have to try soon. Looks like a good stir fry veggie.

The SoG

BEELifestyle said...

I like Daikon, although I have to say it feels a little fleshy to me and can sometimes turn me off (similar to a finger...), just like I dislike mushrooms because I think they taste like tongues.

Also- I heard daikon can reduce cellulite. I'm sure this is a myth and grossly over exaggerated. But I guarantee you every lady in my nutrition classes ran out and bought a bunch after hearing that. Power of suggestion can be strong!


Marc said...

you're right, perfect for stir fry! It does change the crisp flavor a little when cooked though.

LOL. fingers...tongue??
try the daikon sliced very very thin, some scalion and evoo.

Did you guys ever try the ACV??
I got my mom hooked on it now and she tells me she notices a hge difference.